Saturday, September 1, 2007

A little more about - Taylor Aaron

A.K.A. Taye, T-Bone, T-Man, when he was a baby I called him pumpkin.

Taylor doesn't try to hide or be somebody else. He doesn't worry about fitting in; he is always simply himself. Sometimes he is a bit quirky and a little insane, but he is always interesting. We love that he lets his personality show. He is a good and loyal friend. He has some friends that he has been pals with since 1st grade.

He is a caring person. He is accepting of others and their differences. He does volunteer work at our local library every week and volunteers at the children's hospital when they have special camps for the kids. The kids love him. He even volunteered to be the target at the pie throwing booth. He got smacked in the face with whipped cream all afternoon in 95 degree heat and never complained because he knew the kids were having so much fun.

He helps his sister, who has cerebral palsy, with her physical therapy activities and is great at encouraging her to try to walk. He thinks the sun rises and sets on her little head. Sometimes he plays with his brother but they mostly like to argue, aggravate, and pretend to fight. We know they love each other though.

Taylor is creative and does well in school. He has already taken his ACTs (at age 13) and did very well. He has been identified by the Duke University talent search program. He has also applied for the Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship and will find out the results in November. He wants to go to college but wants to earn his own way. In 2nd grade he wanted to be a teacher or professor but now he is leaning towards computer programming, or video game design, or the science of nanotechnology.

He loves jolly ranchers, nachos, Dr. Pepper, and cheese pizza and breadsticks. He will eat any kind of pasta. He would rather die than eat a vegetable. His favorite restaurants are Taco Bell, Spaghetti Warehouse and El Chico's.

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