Sunday, September 9, 2007

Our family dictionary

Every family/group has funny words or sayings that become an inside joke. Here is a list of ours.

Squeesypoppers- When you hug someone so big they pop. You have to say squeesy, squeesy, pop when you do this and when you get to the pop you pretend to explode.

Adoribibble- Cameron had trouble saying adorible so he and Taylor always called sister adoribibble and it stuck. It means extra especially adorible.

Pickle color- Green of course. This was one of Taylor's cute words when he was a little one. He was a Dr. Seuss fan.

Grackas- glasses. Cameron couldn't say glasses when he was very little so he would say "Here are your grackas Bub".

Pikas- Pizza. This was one of Taylor's words. He couldn't say pizza when he was very little.

Plonky- Really weird and scary. This is Cameron's made up word. He saw a picture in a book that he didn't really like and said "I don't like that man he's plonky" So when we asked him what plonky meant we got our definition.

Highlarious- Very highly hilarious. This was one of Taylor's made up or modified words. He figured if something was funny when it was hilarious it must be really funny if it is highlarious.

Highronic- Another of Taylor's along the same lines. Something that is very ironic.

Billirubins- When Taylor was born he was jaundiced so we were very concerned about his billirubin levels. To make the sitiuation a little lighter we decided that the way to fix his billirubin levels was to give him billirubins (belly rubbings) while he layed under the light.

Fives- high fives but you specialize them to the occasion much like they do on Scrubs. So if someone just got an A on their report card you give A fives. Just ran the marathon, well, that would be marathon fives. Ate all their dinner-dinner fives. You can fit it to any occasion.

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