Sunday, September 9, 2007

OKC Marathon

We did the family version of the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon in 2005. It is a great way to help raise money for the Murrah Building Bombing Memorial and for educational materials.

When Taylor was 6 he saw the memorial for the first time. He went to each little chair (for the children) and said a prayer so they would be happy up in heaven. It is impossible to understand why anyone would ever hurt a child.
This is Taylor before the race. We had to leave at 5 AM so it was still dark. I am glad though because this picture looks beautiful with the sun just starting to rise. We saw this sign along the way and had to get a picture of it.
At the starting line, ready to run. Whenever Cameron sees this picture he counts because they did a count down for us to start running.
The boys running. Cameron was so excited he was jumping.
Mile marker 26.
At the finish line.
Taylor and Cameron with their medals. They are so happy.
Cameron has a flower to leave for Baylee Almon. She is one of the 19 children killed. Many people know her name because of the famous picture of the firefighter carrying her out of the building.
Looking at the reflecting pool, you can see the survivor tree in the background.

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