Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Quest for the Blankie and Wedding Attire

My sister is getting married in 3 weeks. So begins the desperate search for wedding attire. Today we went to get Cam (the ring bearer) fitted for his tux. So cute and he is so excited. Mom is making a dress for Kay so we went and got the pattern and picked out the fabric. Taylor is an usher so he needed a suit. He outgrew his last one and he needs one for school band concerts anyway so it is actually good timing. I found one at Sears on clearance for 30 bucks. I love a good bargain so I was very excited about that. We got his entire outfit--suit plus shirt and tie for 45.00. He looks so handsome and grown up.

Kay reacting to the wind from the sunroof in the car. Yes, she is also eating breakfast on the run.
I just noticed the date on my camera is off by 12 hours so because this was before noon it says it was yesterday.

Now comes the worst part--dress shopping for me. I wasn't even planning to tackle that today (I keep putting it off) but we were near Ross so we went ahead. Usually if I am really needing a dress I can not find anything decent. The only time I can find good clothes is when I have no money to spend. Mom needs a dress too so the quest begins. We were having a really lucky shopping day because we both found the perfect dresses. That's a relief. I even got my shoes and everything was on sale. All that's left is finding a new suit for Jeff and we will be DONE!

While we were at Ross I decided to check out the baby section due to the continuing quest for the blankie. Kay has a very beat up, smelly, blanket that she is absolutely in love with. Her Grandparents in Mississippi sent it to her. They got it at the Wal-Mart in Picayune. It is pink, 47 inches by 57 inches, satin on one side, and fuzzy on the other. The fuzzy side has tone on tone stripes and that is the side she loves. I have searched at Wal-Marts everywhere, looked on websites and ebay. I can't find it. I have tried to find the fabric in stores and no luck there either. If I could find them I would stock pile them for emergencies. Then I could wash hers with out causing world war three.

Here is a picture of the infamous blanket. It actually doesn't look to grubby at the moment but I did have to pick gummy bears off of it before I took this shot. Did I mention that Grandma bought them gummy bears while we were out?
No luck with the blanket at Ross but we found a coat that can be a surrogate. It is pink satin on one side and fuzzy swirls on the other. She has been carrying it around all day along with the blanket. Maybe I can sneak the blanket away for a quick wash.
Kay and her new coat.

We can always tell when she is getting tired because she sucks on her bottom lip and pokes the fuzzies on her blanket. She is very tactile and loves to feel different textures. One of her favorite places to visit is the fabric store. Speaking of tired babies time to go put her to bed now. She just crawled in here and grabbed her coat and blankie.

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