Saturday, September 29, 2007

Parties, Errands, Myspace, and Giant Boxes

Cam and a friend help each other out. (He needed more help than she did.)

Cam at the skating birthday party.

Another busy day. We ran around all day today. Errands and a birthday party for one of Cameron's classmates. We gave her a Signing Time DVD and CD of course.

I signed up for a myspace account yesterday and today I discovered I can cut/past my blogger blogs onto my myspace page. It moves the pictures and everything. Wow. I think I may be a card carrying member of the new millennium. Well, I probably need a Ipod and a cell phone with a camera to be official but hey, I am easing into this with baby steps.

We got Jeff's suit for the wedding and bought a dryer. Ours has been broken for a while (see this post We were hoping to save up and get some other loans paid off before we bought a new one. I was really wanting to save for a new set of those fancy washer/dryers that can wash a ton and super fast.

We couldn't put it off any more though so we bought the cheapest dryer we could find. Our electric bill for last month was really high because of the dryer running so much more than it should. We are actually saving money in the long run to get something cheep for now and cut the electric bill.

Of course we all know there is nothing better in a kid's world then a giant empty box. So here are pics of the kiddos enjoying one of life's little pleasures.

Cam and Kay in the box.

Cam decided to sleep in the box. Sounds like fun to me.

It was really good for Kay to have a distraction. She has been teething and not feeling very good for a few days. She seems to get a little hostile when she is feeling unhappy. She screams at the slightest injustice. She is usually a very happy, calm baby so it is a bit strange to see. She was quite upset because we had to take away Daddy's MP3 player and PDA. She loves tech. She screamed and chased me with a pool cue. I love her anyway. We all feel like that sometimes.

Walk softly and carry a big stick. Kay and her weapon of choice - a pool cue.

I am baby hear me ROAR!

A sweeter moment.

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