Friday, September 21, 2007

Just for fun

While I was looking for the waffle pictures I found some other fun stuff. I also figured out how to move pictures around on my posts in HTML. I am finally starting to figure this out.

Grandma in her dancing dress. Don't know when this was taken but it says Maurice Sackett New Orleans in the corner.
This is a blast from the past. My Mom and Aunt Debbie.

Group picture me, Taylor, Grandma, Mom, and sisters Danielle and Sarah.

My wedding picture 1992. My Mom made this dress. I posted one of me and Jeff in our wedding story post.
Another wedding picture. I am still shocked at how much work she put into the dress. It truly was a labor of love and very special to me because my Grandma also helped sew on beads.

My Mom. She won the most beautiful baby contest in high school.

My Grandma, beautiful as well.

My Mom, Grandparents, and Uncles with the bears at the zoo. June 23 1957

Me on the same bear April 20 1974. My Mom and I were both 2 years old in these pictures.

Taylor 5th grade graduation back before his hair got so shaggy.

Cheer Go Yellow Jackets! Yep, that's me. Circa 1984.

Glam. Me and baby Taylor 12-12-93

Me and my Dad. Circa 1985.

Meeting Jeff''s family for the first time. Thanksgiving 1992.

Back when we were still a family of 3. 1998

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