Thursday, September 6, 2007

1st Day of School

The first day of school for the boys. Kaylynne is still at home but I bet she would love to go. She is so sociable.

Cameron went off to kindergarten (he went to Pre-K last year at the same school). He was not worried at all. He was very excited. He met his teacher at back to school night and found out she is going to have a baby. She is due in November and it is a boy. Cameron thinks that is very cool. Cameron said she should name it kool mo dee or Ariel if it is a girl (his brother showed him an old episode of the simpsons and Cam borrowed that line from Lisa and Bart). I told him she probably had other plans so then he decided she should name it after him. Well, Cam's middle name is Ash and she happens to be naming the baby Asher so that was pretty funny.

Cameron is getting the hang of eating in the cafeteria (Pre-K was only half day and K is full day). He already knows how to read so he loves going to the library to check out books all by himself. He also loves art and writing. They have a question of the day and the kids answer it and the teacher writes down their story. My favorite so far--"What would you do if one of your friends fell on the playground?" Some of the kids said, "don't kick them" most of the kids said, "tell the teacher" Cameron said "I would make sure they were OK, take care of them and tell them to feel better, find the teacher, get them a band aid, help them up and give them a hug and play with them." How cute. He is very detail oriented.

Taylor started 8th grade. He likes his teachers and his classes except for creative math. He is in band again this year as a drummer. His favorite class (and teacher) is language arts. He is doing well, keeping busy and still volunteering at the library after school. I can't believe this is his last year in middle school. He will go to the big high school next year. He is almost the age his father and I were when we met. How does time fly so fast. He is taller than me and so grown up.

Cameron 1st day picture

Taylor 1st day picture

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