Thursday, September 13, 2007

New Signing Time shows

OK I am still saving up to get our own set but my Mom got her set yesterday. We have watched them all several times and they are great. A little different from season one; a bit more advanced obviously. Cameron loves the little skits Hopkins does. He laughs so hard when Hopkins swallows the alarm clock and when he dances. We like that we are learning more phrases instead of just single words. Another wonderful job from the Signing Time gang, not that we expected anything less.

A while back we made a list of places Hopkins would love to visit (you know how we love making lists). In honor of the new shows I thought I would add it here. Hopkins any time you want to start on a concert tour you will have tons of fans come to see you.

Signing Time world (or U.S.) tour coming to a lily pad near you.

Honey Island Swamp, Louisiana
Kermit, West Virginia
Lily Pad Lake, Utah
Hop Island, Australia
Green, Oregon
Bugtussle, Tennessee
Frog Town, Virginia
Bug, Kentucky
Fly, Ohio
Frogville, Oklahoma
Frog Pond, North Carolina
Frog Bay, Wisconsin
Frog Level, South Carolina
Frog Valley, Australia
Frog Moor, South Wales
Toad Suck, Arkansas
Toad Town, California
Toad Hop, Indiana

Possible cute idea for a shirt--we could do a knock off of old concert tees and list all the stops on Hopkins "tour".

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Stacey said...

We love the new DVD's as well. Your list of Hopkins world tour is great. Our gang would be willing to follow Hopkins on his tour, maybe we could be his croakers. :)