Saturday, June 25, 2011

I've been gone for a while

I may never catch up so I figured the best thing to do is just dive back in. So much has changed in my life over the last couple of years. My last post was January of 2009. Technical difficulties and crazy life stuff got in the way.

I have been divorced since November 22 2010. After 17 years of married life that was something I did not see coming. We have been separated since June 21 of 2009. Jeff was sick for a long time and I tried to help him but he wouldn't stay in treatment. It got to the point where I felt we were all in an unsafe situation. He had to be institutionalized and was diagnosed with several serious mental disorders and alcoholism. He now lives in Illinois with family. I have full custody of the kids and he is only allowed supervised visits. He sees them usually once a year at Christmas. It has been very difficult for everyone but it was the only solution to a bad situation.

The kids are amazing. Taylor is 18 now. He has been sick for a long time but seems to be doing better now with lots of medication. He was diagnosed with Chrones disease, Celiac disease and epilepsy. His digestive issues are under better control now and the seizures have stopped for the moment. He still has hand tremors but we are changing to a new seizure medication that will hopefully help. He will be attending Norman High in the fall. He missed so much school with being sick he still has a while to go before graduating. He is so smart I know he will do fine.

Cameron is 9 and just got glasses. He was excited about that because he was the only one in the family who didn't have them. He loves to read. His current favorites are diary of a wimpy kid and magic tree house. He also loves to do magic tricks. He is quite the showman and keeps us entertained. He is also a ladies man and is always talking about his girlfriends. He loves to play computer games and jump on the trampoline. He also draws and writes stories.

Kaylynne is a princess who loves to dig in the dirt while wearing pretty dresses. She has long beautiful hair that she doesn't particularly like to have brushed but she won't let me cut it. She has never had a haircut in her entire life. She has graduated from SMO foot orthotics to inserts and probably will only need those for another year. Her feet have improved so much and she walks and runs and climbs so well you can't even tell there was ever a problem. She is 5 now and thinks she is a teenager.

I am taking a break from the J.D. McCarty center. They are not at all a family friendly place to work. I am hoping to transfer to another state job and get back to school. I have got to finish my degree but every time I get started something crazy happens to interrupt it. I have been dating Harry since November of 2009. We live together now and are very happy. The kids love him and so do I. We plan to get married eventually but its no rush. We are more focused on getting better jobs and getting school finished. Life has changed a lot over the past two years but we are all healing and headed in the right direction. Life is good!