Saturday, September 1, 2007

How we met

We met in 1988. I was a freshman and he was a sophomore at, the now long gone, West Mid High School. Our mutual friend, Jacques Paul (Jack), introduced us. We ended up having Mrs. Kunesh's 5th hour art class together. We sat across from each other at the same work table and we were friends from then on.

Jeff enjoyed making Mrs. Kunesh crazy while I was more of a teacher's pet. Jeff is a great artist but he does not like being forced to use or not use a certain style. He wants to do his own thing (isn't that what art is all about?) So the two of them quite often butted heads because she wanted him to do it her way. Everyone in the class thought it was hilarious.

Jeff used his fingers to smudge charcoal drawings to create shading. This would prompt bellows of "I said NO SMUDGING!!" from across the room. Then during the next assignment she introduced us to a smudging tool which has exactly the same effect but because it was her idea now it was OK to smudge as long as you used the approved tool.

Jeff was always doing some kind of prank for laughs. One day he went to dump his paint water can in the sink and right as the water splashed he acted like he vomited. The girls in the class all went pale, Mrs. Kunish panicked, and the guys all thought it was very cool. Then we all had a good laugh, well, except for Mrs. Kunesh who yelled "That's NOT FUNNY!!" She said that a lot. Another thing she said a lot was "No Footsies!" when we would kick each other under the table.

The best and most infamous prank he pulled in that class was one that involved me as the unaware accomplice. The very dramatic and unapproved fake kiss. I had no idea he was planning this so my surprised reaction was quite real. We were waiting in line to dump out our paint cans. Suddenly he turns around and grabs me, leans me back over his arms all romantic like and plants a giant kiss on me. What no one realized was that he put his hand over my mouth so we didn't really make any contact. I dropped my paint can, Mrs. Kunesh dropped all of her papers and every kid in the class stopped dead in their tracks. It was like something out of the movies. The kids started applauding and Jeff calmly went to get towels to clean up the mess from my dropped can. I just stood there looking shocked and Mrs. Kunesh started screaming at him. It was the stuff of legend throughout the school.

Well, because the school was only 9th and 10th grade Jeff moved on the next school year. We were still friends but didn't see each other much. We each had other boyfriends/girlfriends. We ended up together again at the high school his senior and my junior year. We had parenting and family life classes together. How ironic. We had to prepare meals together and we did the flour sack babies assignment. Still remained just friends. After he graduated we lost touch for a while.

After I graduated I was working at McDonald's as a birthday party hostess. One day our mutual friend Jacques Paul (wow, Jack again) came in. We were doing the Indiana Jone's movie promotion and he wanted to get the videos. Jacque happened to have a storage unit at the storage place Jeff was working at so he mentioned that he had seen me. Jeff decided to call me at work to request a set of the current happy meal toys (Tiny Toon Adventures) for his nieces. He came to pick them up and we started hanging around together again. Not long after that we realized it was meant to be. We had been friends for so long I guess it was easy to fall in love. We got married soon after at age 20 and we will celebrate our 15th anniversary this month.

When we were dating. 1992
Self picture. 1992

Working the grill at McDonalds. Not sure why we had a giant Dino the dinosaur. Me with the dinosaur. I worked the night shift a lot. It was pretty boring sometimes. I guess that is why we were playing with stuffed animals.

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