Monday, September 17, 2007

More Cute Cam Quotes

Cam is very patriotic. He read a book called ABC USA. It was actually the first book he learned to read by himself. His favorite picture was the Liberty Bell. He told everyone who would listen about the Liberty Bell and how it has a crack in it and that it lives in Philadelphia and it is on the back of the silver dollar. He was almost 4 at the time so people thought it was great that he knew all about the Liberty Bell.
So one day he comes in and tells us he has a Liberty Butt cause his has a crack in it. We couldn't help but laugh so his comment was totally reinforced. From then on he told everyone he has a Liberty Butt. We get some strange looks about that one.

One day we were watching the leaves fall and I said "Cam look the wind blew that leaf all the way over there" He looked at me a little confused and said "Mom, it's not blue. It's green."

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teechrmom7 said...

Cam is so cute and so smart!