Saturday, September 8, 2007

Kaylynne had another big day

Kay was very busy today. She is walking all over the place. It rained today and she loves to play in the puddles so we went outside. She found a thwackum stick (that's the sound it makes when it hits and Kay thinks it is quite funny) and used it to splash in the puddles, pretend to fish, and smack her brother.

Cameron had fun collecting acorns and bug watching. Then Kay saw the lady bug. She was fascinated so I picked it up so she could have a closer look. It crawled on her hand then her shirt and she laughed hysterically.

When we came back inside she had some new tricks for us. She has been working really hard on figuring out how to walk so all of her energy was focused on that task. Her therapists and doctors felt she may be speech delayed. I wasn't sure. I know she understands what we say to her but she only said about 15 words and not very often. She signs about 15 words too so I wasn't so worried. I guess now that she can focus on other things she has decided to catch up.

This week she learned to sign shoes and signing (for Signing Time). Just today she added the signs for spaghetti and popcorn and said shoes, sign time, and that's the Rachel. Can you tell we were watching Signing Time today? It is amazing to see her learning to say/sign so many words so quickly. So perhaps she does not have a speech delay she was just concentrating on other skills.

I think this illustrates once again that ASL works. The words she said today are the words she learned the signs for earlier in the week. Something about the physical action of doing the sign and the reinforcement of being understood really cements the language in their little brains. Next thing you know they can say the word as well. I have seen it before but it never ceases to amaze me. Thank you Signing Time Gang!

We were all so excited about everything she did then she showed us another trick. She has been very interested in the potty lately but she is only 20 months old so I wasn't really pushing it. We brought in the potty chair and have just been letting her get used to it being there. She crawled into the bathroom and was pointing at it so I thought what the heck I'll put her on. As soon as she sat down she peed in the potty. So we had a big celebration. It was just about time for her to go to bed so I stuck another diaper on her but we will try again tomorrow. It may have just been a fluke but maybe it will stick. Talk about a busy girl.

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