Thursday, September 20, 2007

Taylor and the Waffles

In our Wednesday night chat group we got onto the subject of Eggo waffles. One of the girls in Australia is pregnant and craving waffles and can't get them there. So I commented that Taylor had won 2nd place in the national Eggo waffle design contest in 2000. His prize was a years supply of waffles (52 boxes/520 individual waffles) and a waffle watch. 1st prize was a trip to Orlando, Florida but waffles are nice too.

To enter the contest you had to design a waffle creation. Taylor designed waffle pops -- kinda like a lolly pop, but a waffle on a stick. He decorated it with icing, because syrup falls off. Yeah, I know, real healthy.

So you can take your breakfast with you on the go. It was a pretty good idea. Sonic started making pancakes on a stick not long after that and pop tarts started to come with frosting packs so you could decorate it yourself.

Taylor the Waffle King.

We had so many waffles we got pretty sick of them. But here is what we learned:

Frozen waffles will last basically forever. We had some for over a year and they were still fine.

Frozen waffles are great for teething babies. Cameron came along in May of 2002 and he loved to chew on frozen waffles.

No matter how much you like waffles you can get sick of eating them.

Birds really like waffles too. The kids would throw waffle pieces in the yard when they were finished and watch the birds come feast.

When your kid says "Hey, I want to enter a contest" go ahead and let them. You never know what kind of adventure it may take you on.

Kids like to cook and they can get very creative. I wouldn't have thought of anything edible that could be made from waffles.

In a pinch waffles are a good substitute for bread when making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

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teechrmom7 said...

I love Taylor's waffle pop idea. He is definitely a young man with a vision!