Monday, September 24, 2007

Slugs and Spiders and Opossums. Oh My!

Some days just going into your back yard is an adventure.

Really spooky shot. This looks like Halloween decorations but it is real.

Have I mentioned that I hate spiders? Yes, they really creep me out. It is getting worse around here. The yard has been taken over by giant spiders. They are building webs every where. There is just about nothing worse then walking into a big spider web and getting it stuck all over you. Then as you frantically try to get it off you wonder if the spider that goes with it is also stuck to you some where.

Giant spider in the window.

If I had to pick something worse I might go with.... Flying mutant spider slugs. Yes, slugs are really gross. I still have very vivid memories of walking bear foot when I was a kid and stepping on a slug. They really do squish. But at least they stay on the ground for the most part so you don't have to worry about getting one in your face.

Well, that's what I thought until I saw these mutant spider slugs hanging down from our roof from a web? waiting for us to come out and unknowingly walk into them. Luckily my Hubby saw them and warned me. I would never have been the same after kissing one of those guys.

Hanging mutant slug.

Kinda hard to see but there are a bunch of them. 7 slithering and 2 hanging.

Once you make it out into the yard and the spider webs and flying slugs are cleared away you should be safe. So you would think. My Hubby decided to grill dinner last night and a giant opossum walked across his foot. We live in the middle of a busy city. What the heck is a opossum doing living in our back yard? It crawled under the house. I guess it sleeps in the crawl space. Now I am paranoid wondering how long it will be before he figures out how to get into the house. Freaky!!

My Hubby has a fascination with capturing the weird critters he happens upon. He caught a huge moth the other day and my oldest son tapped on the container and made it pee. They thought that was quite hilarious. I would just like for them all to go away (the critters not my boys) and have no interest in studying them. They did take some cool pictures though so you all can see what I am taking about. We did not get a picture of the opossum, that one even freaked my hubby out a little so he didn't grab the camera like he usually does.

This is what the opossum might look like.

The good news is all the spiders have discouraged the ants. The ants are no longer marching in my kitchen, bathroom, and sun room. I love a parade as much as the next guy but I am not sad to see them go. I have been doing a really good job of keeping the house clean. I think the ants just see kids and figure it's a good place to pick up some free food. Hopefully all the other weird critters will move on soon too.

Giant spider's web in the window.

Giant spider's web on the other side of the house

Yet another giant spider and web by the door

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