Friday, September 7, 2007

Reliving the past/Cameron quotes

I spent my computer time today finishing and adding to some of the past posts. Hopefully soon I will get some of the past stories finished so I can focus on current events.

Kaylynne was walking all over the place today. It is amazing.

Taylor played his first concert with the marching band from N. North High. It was raining but luckily it stopped before the football game started.

Cameron had fun at school then painted a lovely picture at home. He let sister paint too.

Here is the story starter from Cam's school for today.

What can you do now that you're big?

The other kids answered

Cameron said "Clean up my room, play outside, ride a bike, and put my clothes on."

Well, that's all for today I have to go re-attach Mr. Potato Head's butt for like the Bazillionth time today.

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