Sunday, September 16, 2007

My vacuum cleaner is vomiting

My vacuum cleaner is vomiting. I think it ate too many goldfish crackers. This started 3 days ago when I last tried to vacuum the house. The vacuum started whining then spit the entire contents of its digestive tract onto the family room floor. This mostly consisted of various forms of crackers and pop tart bits.

Today I discovered that 3 days is the maximum amount of time I can go without vacuuming. The entire house has a fine coating of crumbs. I am not sure how this happens because the rule is that food stays in the dining area (HA!). Perhaps the accumulated debris in the dining room combined with the vomited pile in the family room have randomly attached to passing feet and dragging blankets and redistributed themselves throughout the house. Ahhh, the crumbs are taking over.

So my hubby, love of my life, saved us by taking the vacuum apart and pumping it's stomach. Apparently on top of the overeating problem it had a huge hair ball as well. The vacuum is feeling much better (for now) and so am I. Everything has been vacuumed and now we can walk on the floors without needing a tetanus booster. Considering sister's habit of eating abandoned food she finds on the floor I feel sure our family health depends in part on a functioning vacuum.

We might be able to get a few more months use out of that old thing (the vacuum, not the hubby-I am hoping he will be around for another 70 years or so) I love the little joys in life!

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teechrmom7 said...

You crack me up!!!! I love the way you look at things and I'm proud to be your MOM!!!