Friday, September 14, 2007

Sister--the Milkaholic, Wild Haired, Stealth Pooper

Some things about sister that I have noticed lately.

If she goes to bed with her hair even just a little bit damp she looks like Gene Wilder when she wakes up.

Of course, she is so cute she can pull it off.

If we decide to tame it a little. I just spray it and it goes back to perfect little ringlets. I love those curls.

She drinks more milk than should be humanly possible. She would be perfectly happy sucking on her sippy cup all day long. We have to limit her so she will eat more; she is truly a milkaholic.

She is a stealth pooper. Most kids you can tell when they are getting ready to take care of business. They hide, or get real quiet, or their face turns red, you can just tell what they are doing. Not sister. I can never tell when she has gone.

It is even more noticeable now that she is starting to use the potty. I am sitting there watching her and she shows no indication. Then when she stands up--surprise! It makes it harder to help her with the potty. If I knew she was getting ready to go I could put her on the potty real quick. I am just guessing at this point and sometimes I get lucky and time it just right.

She is very much a girly-girl. She loves to put on beads or any thing sparkly. If she sees someone wearing any jewelry she has to go check it out. She also likes to wear perfume. We get the body spray that has different "flavors" like vanilla and raspberry.

She is addicted to getting her manicure done. I never paint my nails. Not really any point because with all the cooking and cleaning they are instantly ruined. She would see other people with their nails done and get so excited. Her aunt painted hers for her and she is obsessed now. I had to go buy some polish and she wants me to paint both hers and mine. She watches so intently and when it is done she has to show everyone her pretties. If she decides she wants them done again she holds out her little fingertips to me and wiggles them. It is really fun having someone in the house to be girly with. I makes me think of my Grandma who always had the prettiest nails. She would paint my nails for me when I was a kid.

She has a great sense of humor. She really gets jokes and laughs this big belly laugh. She thinks it is hilarious when her Dad says "No more jibba jabba" like Mr. T.

She can untie any knot but, unfortunately, can't tie her shoes. No matter how tight we tie her shoes or how many times we double knot it she will have it untied in 5 minutes. She is always walking around with her shoes untied.

She is a pen seeking missile. She can find any writing utensil anywhere, anytime. She is not picky; she loves sharpies, crayons, markers, pens, pencils, as well as paint. Quicker than a duck on a June bug she has her weapon and has started her artwork on the nearest flat surface.

As far as she is concerned there are no strangers in the world. In this area she is completely opposite from her brothers. Both the boys were a little shy and had to warm up to new people. If we went someplace new they would be attached to my leg. Sister is quite the social butterfly. Not afraid of anyone. We went to a class at the library for her PT session today and she was in the middle of everything, waving at all the other babies, patting them, giving them toys. She had no interest in me or what I was doing, she had places to go and people to meet.

She instantly gets attached to anyone new and cries when they leave. At the doctors office she saw a new nurse and wanted to play with her. She cried when she went out so the nurse came back and Kay went with her. They went up to the front desk and got some candy. Kay was not the least concerned with where either of her parents were, she had a new friend.

The mail carrier came to our door the other day--same response. She cried when he left and wanted to go walk with him. This could be a problem when she gets older. I am glad she likes people but I don't especially want her to wander off with anyone who comes along. Gonna have to keep a close eye on that one.

Perhaps she will become the first woman president. With her ability to meet and greet and melt the hearts of even the most curmudgeonly she might just take over the world.

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