Sunday, September 2, 2007

A Baby Story - Kaylynne

Kaylynne is our winter baby. She was due February 5th but we induced two weeks early so she arrived January 25th 2006. We knew she was a girl. With both of the boys we chose not to find out the sex so we would be surprised. Finding out the sex kinda seems like sneeking a peek a gift before it is time to open it. We decided we would find out the sex this time since it would be our last and so we could plan what we needed. We were so happy to find out she was a girl. We love our boys but we had hoped to get to have a girl as well.

This was the most difficult pregnancy. We had a lot of complications and worries. I had gestational diabetes again but could not control my levels this time. My levels were all over the place really high somedays and really low others. Diet didn't work so they put me on Glyburide. I was maxed out on the dosage of that and my levels were still all over the chart. They were about to start me on insulin but they decided that because it would take a few weeks of trials to get the dosage worked out they should just go ahead and take the baby early.

I also had the strep B infection to deal with and placenta previa again. I had started heavily bleeding early on and as a result was told I would probably loose the baby. I was on bed rest for several months and not allowed to lift anything. They thought the baby didn't attach correctly to my uterus so they were concerned any activity may cause more bleeding and/or dislodge her.

This was our first to be born at our local hospital so it was nice to not have to drive for 30 minutes. The hospital was two minutes from our house. We had a wonderful baby nurse, named Jennifer, who was very helpful and made sure we got lots of pictures. I went to high school with our doctor, Nicole, and she did a great job of taking care of us even though it was a difficult pregnancy.

This was another fast delevery. Not quite as fast as Cameron, I think his may have been some kind of record. I believe we started the pitocin at 8:00 AM and she was born at 10:25 AM. She weighed 7 pounds 12 ounces and was 20 1/2 inches long.

We had lots of family around. Grandma Vickie and Aunt Sarah were there and so were both brothers. Everyone else came for visits soon after. Cameron had been taking a nap when his sister came into the world. As soon as she cried he woke up and started to cry too. He has never liked the sound of babies crying.

Kaylynne had some medical issues and had to go to the special care nursery. They had to do an IV to help get her blood sugar regulated and she had to have her feet checked because she had a clubfoot. We were so happy when they let her leave the nursery we wanted to have her with us all the time.

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