Saturday, September 1, 2007

A little more about - Cameron Ash

A.K.A. Cam, Cam Bot, Cam the Man, Sweet Potato

Cameron is quite charming and likes to talk. I think his large vocabulary is due in part to the fact that we started signing with him as a baby. He has learned American Sign Language with the help of the Signing Time program. He appears in two of the shows - Baby Signing Time Volume 1 and 2.

We started signing with him because I had seen the benefits of signing with his older brother, Taylor. Taylor started to learn some sign in kindergarten from the ASL interpreter who was in his class to help a classmate who is Deaf.

When Cameron was born I knew I wanted to teach him sign from birth. He signed his first sign (milk) at 4 months. We were amazed. His signing really took off between 18-24 months of age. He started signing everything.

When he was 3 he had several bad ear infections and ruptured both his eardrums. We noticed he seemed to be having trouble distinguishing between similar sounding words such as Farmer/Hammer. He failed several different hearing tests and we were trying to determine the extent of his hearing loss and weigh our options. We were so glad we had started teaching him ASL already and that he was picking it up so well. We went for another doctor visit to see if inserting tubes in his ears might help. When the doctor looked inside she said he had a lot of build up and some swelling and scarring from the rupture. She stuck a long tool inside and irrigated the ear canal and got out a huge plug of gunk from each ear.

Well, Cameron wasn't real pleased with the procedure but as soon as she finished he sat up and said "You fixed my ears!" He has passed every hearing test since but we still use ASL as a 2nd language all the time.

Cameron loves to cook. His favorite foods to make are sweets like cookies and cake. When he grows up he wants to be the head chef at a restaurant or maybe an astronaut or possibly the president of the USA. His favorite color is yellow and his favorite shape is the heart.

Parlor trick - He can stick his tongue up his own nose. It is funny and disturbing at the same time.

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