Friday, September 28, 2007

crazy days and my new picture program

It has been kinda crazy the last few days.

On Thursday we had on the schedule my husband's MRI at 7 AM then had to get the kids to school. Cam had a field trip. I had volunteer time stuffing all the kids folders with parent notices. Then the baby had PT and another meeting to finalize her goals. I had a follow up doctor visit to check on my broken clavicle.

I am officially cleared to return to work on October 8th."Yeah" and "Rats". I need to be making some more money and I have missed the kids so it's good to go back. I will miss my own kids and am not looking forward to being so busy that I can't get anything done so it's not so good to go back. My sister is getting married on the 7th. Also my father in law is in the ICU at the moment. Hopefully he will be doing better by next week. I have a feeling it will be next to impossible to get any days off for the next 6 months or so.

The doctor said I am not any more likely to injure myself now than I was before the accident but I will probably continue to have pain during movement for the next 6-8 weeks until the new bone matures. Apparently I have a very large calcuim deposit over the fracture site. So when I move my arm some pieces of that break off. That is the loud popping I hear. YUCK!!

Another problem is that Jeff's schedule and mine now conflict. So when he gets cleared to return to work we will have a childcare gap. I go in at 2:45 but he doesn't get off til 5 so from 2:30 til 5:30 no one is available to watch Kay and Cam. I don't think it would be wise to let them fend for themselves for 3 hours.

Wednesday I was cleaning the house and finishing up feeding everyone and baking cookies. The baby, seeing that I was distracted, decided to color all over the walls of her brother's room with crayon then she spilled a drink all over the carpet. The good news is Cam's room is one that we haven't painted yet so not such a big deal. I will try the magic eraser and see if it comes off. Oh, I almost forgot she also got into the bathroom (someone left the door open) and emptied all the cabinets.

I finally got the little ones off to bed when we hear crashing from the garage. The giant opossum got in and is out there knocking everything over. How do you get a giant opossum out of your garage? Well, heck I don't know he is still out there.

We tried opening the door and scaring him out but I think he may have gone into the attic.

I am sure our neighbors think we are insane. My husband was standing out front with a big stick (in case it came at him) while I was inside the garage with a push broom smacking everything and making as much noise as possible.

I was trying to remember facts about opossums like are they good climbers and wondering how likely I was to have the rotten critter fall on top of my head. That's when I remembered they play dead when they are scared so making all this noise probably isn't accomplishing anything. At that point I gave up and came inside.

Having a bit of trouble sleeping because there is a GIANT OPOSSUM SOMEWHERE IN MY HOUSE. Next day we called animal control and they said they have live traps for catching them without hurting them. Problem is they are all out at the moment and apparently opossums are really smart and usually don't fall for it anyway. They suggested we play music for it. They don't like noise so this might drive it away.

Today is a little calmer. We went and saw Cam run for his school jog-a-thon. I am finished adding all the digital pictures to my photo program from the computer's hard drive. Now I just have to figure out how to recover the pictures that are on the broken computer, upload all the pictures that are actually on disks, and scan all the pre-digital pictures.

This could take years but I am going to focus on what I have accomplished. This is a really cool program. It takes a while to get everything labeled but once it is done I can find the picture I am looking for so quick and easy. Say I enter the word weird in the search engine. I get more creepy spider pictures and our neighbor mowing in a giant sombrero.

Weird spider.

Weird spider web.

Our neighbor in his special lawn mowing hat. I love this guy!

If I enter silly faces I get:

Kay silly face eating shoe.

Taylor silly face.

Cam silly face.

Kay silly face.

Cam silly potato head face.

Busted gets:

Kay busted writing on Cam's walls.

Kay busted "helping" empty the dishwasher.


Kay sleeping on the trampoline.

Cam and Kay sleeping in Cam's bed.

Kay sleeping in highchair.

Cam sleeping sorta on the couch.

Wow! The possibilities are endless.


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