Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Kaylynne's little sprained ankle Timeline

8-17-07 Kaylynne can walk! We are so thrilled! It has finally happened. She is so proud and likes showing off her moves.

8-19-07 School starts the next morning so we are trying to get the boys in bed and Kaylynne decides to take a little stroll without her SMO's. I had just taken them off to put her in bed. She falls and rolls her ankle, cries for 45 minutes, and won't let anyone touch. It is swelling and bright red. Off to the ER, x-rays show no broken bones but the top of her foot is bruised and she is not a very happy camper. We have to keep her off of it for a few days.

Her PT is doing extra sessions with her now trying to get her back to taking some steps. She is done-totally over the walking thing. She figures she tried it and got hurt so she will do something else. The crawling is fastest but she can't hold things that way. She tries putting stuff in a baby wipe box and bear crawling while pushing her box of stuff around. Then she figures out she can walk on her knees and have the best of both worlds. She can hold stuff in her hands and still be close to the floor. Her knees feel sturdier to her. We just need to convince her she is OK to walk with her SMO's on.

Finally after two weeks she decided to give it another try. She is such a trooper. (9-4-07)She stood up and walked about 7 steps several times today. Hopefully it will stick this time. YEAH!! Go Kaylynne! Here are some pictures.

I can walk again.
This is Daddy trying to get her to walk to him.
Her first try. This is just before she got hurt.
These pictures of her feet show how pronated they are. She is standing on her navicular bone (the bone on the side of the foot just under the ankle). This bone is not meant to bear weight.
You can also see the unexplained mark on the heal of her right foot. It has been there since she was about 6 months. When it first showed up we thought it was a burn of some kind because the skin was so dark and starting to peel off. The doctors have never been able to figure it out.
Look how she has her toes curled on the right. When she was born her left foot was worse. That was the one the doctors said was a clubfoot. When she takes steps she takes a huge step with her left then drags her right to catch up. Her right seems to be worse now. Not sure why that is.

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