Sunday, September 23, 2007

Squishy Grandma

This is a copy of the text from one of the children's stories I wrote. The rest were on our old computer which is out of commision. Hopefully we can get our data off of it someday. I didn't want to loose this one too so I am adding it to my external brain.

Squishy Grandma

My favorite place to be in the whole world is sitting on my squishy Grandma's lap.

Some kids have tall, skinny, bony Grandmas. I wouldn't like that. They don't look like they would be comfortable at all.

Some kids have great, big, fluffy Grandmas. I wouldn't like that either. They might be too squishy.

My Grandma is made just right. I think we must have been made for each other because I fit perfect on her lap.

My Mommy's lap is full right now because my baby sister in in her tummy. Her lap is missing but she says it will be back soon once my sister is born.

That's OK because my squishy Grandma's lap is just for me. I don't have to share it with anyone.

It's a good place to read a book, or sing a song, or just talk.

Sometimes I help her with her crocheting.

The best thing about my squishy Grandma is when I need to snuggle or I am tired or just need a hug she always seems to know. She shows up at just the right time.

When my Mommy goes to the doctor so they can check on baby sister I like to take a nap on my squishy Grandma. I can hear my baby sister's heart beat and it sounds like a little train going past us. It makes me sleepy so I just snuggle in.

Maybe when my baby sister is finally born I will let her have a turn on my squishy Grandma's lap. I will have to think about it.

I bet she will be small so maybe we can both fit.

And sometimes, I bet, I will still have my squishy Grandma all to myself.

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