Thursday, September 27, 2007

Taylor's thoughts on having a baby brother

Taylor always wanted a little brother. He kept asking us if he could have one. His wish finally came true when he was 9 on the last day of 2nd grade. In 4th grade his teacher asked the class to write a story about a subject they choose. This is what Taylor wrote:

September 11, 2004

Cameron, My Baby Brother

Two years ago my baby brother Cameron was born on the last day of school. I had to miss Super Kids Day but it was worth it.

He likes to eat just about anything I eat, but if I don't like it he decides he doesn't either. One of the few things he eats that I don't is chocolate. Sometimes I "baby-sit" him while my parents are busy. If I do a good job I might get extra allowance for the week.

Cameron likes to play games. His favorite games are the ones he plays with me. We play pick up money, where I take my bank and fake sneeze the cap off so he can pick up all the money that falls out and put it back in. Jumping on the trampoline is fun. Cameron calls it "jump jump". Cameron likes to play rhinocerous, where I act like a rhino and charge at him. He jumps out of the way and I crash into the wall and make him laugh. We also play battling bubbas, where we duke it out with fists, feet, teeth, head butts, and hair-pulling (Cameron's arsenal) and soft hits, tickles, raspberries, and pillows (my things).

Cameron likes to watch movies. He likes The Peanuts and Baby Einstein series a lot and enjoys flash movies on the computer. He gets his frighteningly good signing skills from the Signing Time shows and hurts my brain when he signs rapidly.

When my brother was born on the last day of school I thought it was bad luck to miss all the activities, but in the end it was worth it. He likes movies, some the same ones I used to like, (excluding Peanuts, I still like those). He eats what I do and sometimes he sleeps in my room. He may get on my nerves, and sometimes he may be a total pest. Through and through, the same remains, and to him I will always say, "I love you".

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