Friday, August 31, 2007

A little about us

We are a family living in central Oklahoma. We consist of:

Me, the Mom, Jennifer, currently 35, working at a children's hospital for children with special needs. I coordinate care for my patients by helping them to therapy, activities, school and medical care. I also make sure they eat, help them with their personal care needs and keep them company. I love my job.

My husband, Jeff, also 35, also works at the hospital. He works in the dietary department and he is one of the kid's favorite people because he drives around in a golf cart and delivers the food!

Taylor Aaron, our oldest son, 14, is in the 8th grade and is really smart. He is into computers, video games, music, drums, and books. He does volunteer work and is a great help with his brother and sister (most of the time).

Cameron Ash, our 5 year old son, is in kindergarten. He is quite charming and likes to talk. He loves music, art, school, working in the garden and reading books. He loves snoopy movies and watching and learning from the Signing Time series.

Kaylynne Electa, our baby girl, is 20 months old. She is a joy and a wonderfully sweet and pretty baby. She does not go to school or day care yet but she works very hard in physical therapy. She loves to draw and sing. She watches Signing Time and signs about 20 words.

Jeff and I have been married for 15 years and we just moved into a new old house - meaning new to us but built in the early 1950's. At the moment most of our limited free time is spent continuing to unpack and organize the house. The kids love having their very own rooms that they don't have to share with each other. We are about half way through painting the entire inside of the house. The outside is brick so luckily all we have to paint there is the trim. After the painting is done we have lots of other little projects to do to fix the place up. It really is a beautiful house though and we are very happy here.

Jeff enjoys biking, working on computers, building things, reading, art, writing short stories, movies, music, guitar, and video games.

Jennifer enjoys reading, doing crafts, writing, cooking, gardening, learning American Sign Language, and sleeping.

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