Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Weird phobias and Emo poetry

What weird things freak you out?

Taylor is afraid of frogs. Has been since he was very little. Ironic because he has volunteered to dress up as Hopkins the giant frog that is Signing Time's mascot.

Taylor frog.

Taylor in the hopkins suit taking 10.

Cam is afraid of babies crying. He hates the sound of it and it tends to make him cry too. This made for some very interesting car trips when Kay was a baby. I will have to find a picture.

Cam is also scared of the book Marvin K. Mooney. He hates the picture on page 25. It gives him nightmares of giant fingers being mean and trying to squish him. He is also freaked out by the "plonky guy" as he calls him. I will have to find a picture of that one too.

Giant finger of doom.

I am afraid of spiders and the creepy Burger King Dude. What is up with that guy? I also hate the sound of 3 ring binders snapping shut. I always think of some thing getting snapped in there like a mouse trap. And the sound/action of cassette tapes or video tapes getting pulled into the player. What if it malfunctions and pulls your fingers inside? I know it is irrational and has probably never happened in the history of mankind. I still don't like it.

Oh so creepy.

Yeah, this is what I want to wake up to.

Let's file this one under "Things that make you go Huh?"

I was making dinner a few weeks back and this is what Cam came in and said to me:

"Don't talk to me. You're messing up my world. Your talking makes my life filthy."

He said this with a big grin on his face. Not sure what it means exactly. It sounds like Emo poetry.

Kids are weird.

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