Sunday, September 2, 2007

A Baby Story - Cameron

Cameron was in a hurry; labor lasted 53 minutes. We went to a different hospital and had a different doctor. I had gestational diabetes again and again was able to control my levels with diet. There were some other complications though (strep B infection, partial placenta previa) so we went in to be induced. I was one day past my due date. Cameron was due May 22 (my birthday) and was born May 23 2002.

At 9:00 they started a pretty strong dose of pitosin because the induction had taken so long with Taylor. My placenta had moved out of the way enough so they went ahead and broke my water too. I guess Cameron figured it was time to abandon ship because I think he actually started to crawl out of there. Labor was hard and fast and scary. We didn't get any pictures or video because everyone was too busy and we didn't have any family there to help.

The one nurse who was in there was doing a great job of handling everything with Jeff's help. She remained calm although she told us later she was pretty freaked out. She had never seen labor go so fast. Because we were less than an hour in the doctor wasn't in any hurry to get back. Our nurse kept telling Jeff to hit the call button and tell them to send some help. Finally some other nurses came and they decided to go get the baby warmer. I was a little busy with the contractions one on top of another but I did realize that was a little odd. I didn't know I was already so close to delivering so I was wondering what they needed the warmer for.

They had been paging the doctor all along but he was taking his time. He had another delivery going on and she was several hours into it so he was spending more time with her. He didn't think there was anyway he would be needed for my delivery for a long time. So the nurse prepared to deliver the baby. I still didn't understand that I was that close to delivering. So I was pretty freaked out. I was thinking I would have to do this for several more hours and I knew I couldn't keep up the pace. I was pretty out of it but I think I started begging for some drugs. The nurse said we are too close if you sit up to get an epidural the baby will fall out onto the floor so just give me a few good pushes and we will be done. So Cameron was born totally natural with out so much as a Tylenol.

This is when the doctor finally moseyed on in to the room and said "So how we doing? Whoa! Give me some gloves!" Then he walked up, caught the baby and proclaimed "It's a boy!"

None of the other family members were there yet. We had told everyone to take their time because it had been such a long labor with Taylor we thought Cameron would take a while too. Also, it was the last day of school so we didn't want Mom to miss saying goodbye to her students or Taylor to miss his last day of 2nd grade. Jeff had called my Mom, who had Taylor with her, and told her she needed to hurry on up to the hospital but there was a bad car accident on the interstate so they got stuck. They got off the interstate and called to tell us why they were delayed and heard the baby crying in the background.

Everyone made it for a visit and Cameron and I were both feeling really good because the labor was so short. Taylor got to hold his brother then he went back to school to finish the day and pass out bubble gum "It's a boy" cigars.

This hospital was more family friendly. They let us have as many visitors as we wanted and Jeff and Taylor both got to stay overnight. Cameron stayed in the room with us so we were all together from the beginning.

They noticed that Cameron had some trouble with bleeding whenever they did any kind of procedure. He would just bleed forever after a shot or anything so they were worried he may have hemophilia. We followed up with the hospital after he was released. They did lots of tests but couldn't ever find any problems. He has been healthy other than his habit of getting sick or hurt every holiday. We have spent a lot of holidays in the ER and a lot of other days as well. He is my rambunctious child.

Cameron was born at 9:53 AM and was 7 pounds 12 ounces and 20 inches long.

One of the complications we had with Cameron was that I got very sick with the stomach flu and went into pre-term labor. It was April 1st (yes, April Fool's Day) and I was having a lot of contractions. At the hospital they were finally able to get them to stop with medication but I was already starting to dialate. When I went in to get induced I was already 3 centimeters dialated and had been for a while so that may have contributed to the fast labor.

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