Friday, December 14, 2007

Yo Gabba Gabba
This is the show Cam saw that scared the crap out of him. We don't have cable at home so we have never seen this show. We saw a clip of it at the hotel and Cam freaked out. The clip we saw had a bunch of weird characters eating breakfast. He said the monsters are scary and he doesn't like the sad food. It is pretty creepy when they show the pancakes having a seizure in the stomach acid.

I can't get that stupid song out of my head though. Tonight at work we were all convinced we had food poisoning from the leftovers the kitchen sent for dinner. I started singing about the party in my tummy being hung-over.

Cam doesn't mind so much if you call it by another name so if you want you can have a shindig, hoedown, bash, gathering, rave, mosh pit, festival, riot, brouhaha, hootenanny, get together, celebration, or a jamboree in your tummy. You can also have some revelry and merrymaking, and possibly a kegger, just don't have a party.


Grandma V said...

Wow, that is truly creepy! I can see why Cam freaked out, poor baby. Who thinks up this stuff? And who decides it needs to be on television to warp the minds of children and adults alike?

Anonymous said...

This show is great for children because it is more about culture then good morals and such. I love it because it is full of music and I want my kids to have a love of music and this show really gives them that. Party in my Tummy is really cute. You need to have an open mind.

Anonymous said...
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taylorcamel said...

OK people lets calm down. I certainly did not wish to offend the Yo Gabba Gabba groupies. The show is fine just not something my kids like to watch. It is a matter of personal opinion. We do live in a free country where we are allowed to post our personal opinion especially on a personal blog. I am a little concerned that someone would feel the need to verbally attact my kids for not liking the show. I do not think it is right to post nasty comments wishing harm on children. I have removed the last post because the person didn't even have the guts to post using their name and because the post was hatefull and didn't make any sense.

Anonymous said...

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