Thursday, December 27, 2007

Happy Holidays again and again

Yes, some of the movies Cam got were the new Signing Time shows. He has been watching them a lot with Sister.

We set up the fish tank but haven't gone to get any fish yet.

We still haven't made cookies.

We still haven't read all of the Christmas books.

The package arrived from Mississippi today around 1:00 so we have more gifts to open when everyone is all together in the house again tonight.

I didn't get called in to work yesterday but I do have to work today. I still haven't done many of the things on our Christmas to do list. I plan to just spread it out for at least another week.

I like this not stressing about everything being done and perfect. The kids don't seem to have noticed. All is good.

It is more important to enjoy this time together. Too soon school will be back in session and we will be scrambling to figure out child care now that we are both working full time again. I like chilling in the house with my peeps as much as possible.

This is interesting. A website that tells you how much your blog is worth in advertising dollars. Mine is worth 0 but I am not letting that get me down. Really I'm not. Sniff.

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