Thursday, December 13, 2007

There's a turkey on my doorstep and a tree on my car

We survived the great ice storm of '07.

We returned to our house this morning. It is still standing we just have fewer trees in the area. We actually faired pretty well. Our power is back on and we managed not freeze to death.

Power was out for approximately 63 hours at our house. Many others still do not have power. Our car was crushed by a tree, twice. We have some damage to the gutters on the house and the swing out back also was hit. The trees are still standing in our yard but we lost a ton of limbs. Our Christmas lights were obliterated.

We have a lot of work ahead of us but we are very lucky.

I had the bright idea of purchasing the turkey for Christmas dinner ahead of time so we had a 20 pound turkey in our freezer when the power went out. See what happens when I try to be prepaired. It is sitting on our doorstep along with the entire contents of our refrigerator and freezer. We thought the cold temps outside would buy us some time. We will have to throw most of the freezer items out.

I will post more later I just wanted to let everyone know we are OK.

This is the second bigger tree that fell on our car.
Yeah, the roof is dented in pretty good.
There is a piece of the tree bark actually embedded in the headlight cover but it didn't break. None of the glass broke. Not sure how.

This is the first tree that fell on our car. Turkey anyone? Notice the giant mess of branches blocking the porch.

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