Friday, December 14, 2007

Bah Humbug! Some Grinch stole our Snoopy.

Right off the porch I tell ya. What's the world coming to?

It is very sad because we have had old Snoopy in the family for a long time. He always sits on our porch and spreads Christmas cheer.

We moved and are in a new house this Christmas but it is a nice neighborhood. We went ahead and put Snoopy out by the front door like we have every year our kids can remember. Now he is gone.

I did a Google search to try to find another one. No luck but I did find this blog that tells the story of another Snoopy who was treated shamefully one Christmas.

I think a letter to the editor may be in order here as well. Maybe someone will read it and feel bad for what they have done to poor Snoopy. Taking him from his family at Christmas time is just terrible. Maybe, just maybe, they will return him home. Yeah, I won't hold my breath. The thieves probably don't read the newspaper.

Anyone know where I can get a plastic light up Snoopy Santa decoration before the kids find out ours is gone?


Grandma V said...

That really really stinks. I think you should definitely write a letter to the editor!

bz said...

if you ask nicely Disey will post your dilemma in the newsletter and someone might have an extra or an idea....