Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Leaves and Lights

We have been raking leaves for weeks and it doesn't look like we have done anything. We have bagged up over 100 big trash bags and the leaves are still everywhere. We will have a ton of great garden mulch but I am tired of the whole experience. It's like we have angered the trees and they are trying to prove something now.

We have also been putting up Christmas lights. They look great and are putting us all in the Christmas spirit. It is a lot of work as well. We keep having technical difficulties. We get everything set up and a fuse will blow or something. I took some pictures quick while everything was working.

It is really starting to look pretty outside. Soon we will have some snow to reflect the Christmas lights. I will have to get some better pictures then.
Here is a pic of Kay enjoying and wearing her potatoes
Lobster claws baby!
Cam helping with the never ending leaves
Kay showing us she found a good leaf
Kay watching us work

In the pile
Christmas lights
More lights

Cam using the scoopers to pick up leaves

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