Tuesday, December 18, 2007

On call days again but it's Christmas time so I am cheerful

Grandma, Cam, and Kay enjoy the Christmas party.
Cam near one of the many displays.
Kay and Cam visit with the big guy.

5th day I don't cares leading into 6th day burn out. More injuries at work so more on call days for probably another 3 months. The extra money is nice right, and I have lots of Christmas spirit to get me through.

The kids at work have been going to lots of Christmas parties so they are wound up and have tons of new toys. It is fun to see them so excited. They are really taken care of by the various groups that donate money and toys.

I took Cam and Kay to one of the parties and they got to see Santa and get little treat bags. Kay had a scare though so she wasn't real sure about the whole thing. She is teething and the party interrupted her nap time.

I took her into the hallway to walk around near the little sitting area. This particular party is hosted by the veterans. One of the older gentleman came out into the hall and was trying to walk around the glass topped table when he lost his balance. He fell hard and the glass table top went flying. It landed inches from Kay and made a huge crash. She panicked, fell down, and started screaming.

I was the only adult in the area. I saw that Kay was not seriously hurt but the man was so I went to help him first. I tried to help him up from the floor but he couldn't get up. Luckily people heard the crash and the screaming and came to help. The head of our PT department picked up Kay and some men came and helped get the older man up.

Wow, that was scary. I was so worried about the man getting hurt and poor Kay was terrified. She cried for a long time after that. By the time we took her to see Santa she had calmed down for the most part but she really just wanted to go home. She fell asleep in the car on the way home and felt much better when she woke up.

Hopefully her next encounter with Santa will be a better experience.

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