Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Bacon and skinny pics

At work tonight Tabitha said something about bacon and three of us burst into the bacon song from Lion King. It was very funny to me. I didn't think most people remembered that song. When Taylor was little that was his favorite part. He kept having us rewind it over and over. This was before DVDs were popular so our Lion King tape is warped in that section.

Speaking of Taylor, he is working on a report for school and he decided to write about the fire. He needed a picture from that time so we got out the boxes of pre-digital photos. The fire happened Halloween night and I had dressed up that year as a biker chick. So we found some funny pictures that I had forgotten all about.

Thought I would be crazy and share them here.

Dressed as a biker chick. I even have a fake nose ring and a creepy spider web "tattooed" on my face. This was the night of the fire. The floor furnace that started the fire is behind that couch.

This was in Abita park during a visit to Louisiana. I thought I was so fat back then because I hadn't lost like 10 pounds of baby weight. After two more kids and 12 years time I am wishing I was that size.

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