Wednesday, December 5, 2007

My Husband got sent to the principal's office

Some fun happenings at school. People are notorious for driving like complete and total psychopaths around the school. I don't understand it, especially considering most of the people who drive like lunatics are the same ones who would be in the office raising holey hell if they thought someone else was driving recklessly near THEIR kid.

They park in places that clearly are not parking places, they block the crosswalks, they speed, they drive the wrong direction through the one way only section, they don't look where they are going. It is a miracle every day we get through without someone getting hit. And yes, kids have been hit, other cars have been hit, there have been a ton of near hits and now my husband has been hit.

He was walking Cameron through the crosswalk to take him to class. We always walk the kids directly to class because of the afore mentioned crazy people. A lady stopped and let her kid out and then took her foot off the break and started to drive off without looking. She was watching her kid, probably to make sure he didn't get run over by one of those other reckless drivers. So with her eyes on her kid instead of the road in front of her she drove through the crosswalk and right into my husband.

Luckily it was my husband and not a little kid so he was watching her and saw her coming. He managed to get Cameron out of the way. The car hit Jeff in the legs but she hadn't built up much speed yet. He was not seriously hurt. If it had been a little kid that would not be the case. She finished looking at her kid and put her eyes on the road just in time to hit the breaks and avoid a much harder impact.

So my husband comes home and tells me this story in a very nonchalant manner. I say well who was she?
I don't know.
Did you talk to her, get her insurance info?
Did you recognize her? What kind of car was it? What was her license plate number?
No, I don't know.
Well did you tell someone at the school?
Well why not?!

So I called my Mom and told her (she works there) she told the principal. When Jeff went to pick Cameron up he got called in to the principal’s office. They wanted him to fill out an incident report. If they get enough accident reports they are hoping the district will pay for additional crossing guards to help with traffic. So no serious injuries this time and a fun little story to tell. Jeff's been out of school for 17 years but he still manages to get called in to the principal's office. That right there is someone who knows how to find trouble.

The school was in lock down last Tuesday due to an armed robbery in the area. Some people robbed the Game Exchange and were on the run near the school. So they got all the kids inside and locked the school up. Cameron didn't realize anything strange was going on. They just thought it was too cold to play outside. Taylor's school was on lock down too but of course the older kids knew something was up. It all ended well. They caught the bad guys.

Funny Camisiums Being happy makes me sad. Sounds like more Emo poetry. And then his honest answer to my next question, Yes, I'm insane.

Funny Kayisiums She has been giving proximity hugs where she leans in towards you but isn't quite willing to commit to a full contact hug.

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