Wednesday, December 19, 2007

We still have grape jelly

Cameron's Christmas story.

After that last post (which the kids found hilarious) we need something sweet to clear our minds. So I am posting Cameron's Christmas story from last year.

Cameron loves to watch Snoopy movies and his recent favorite is I want a dog for Christmas.
He tends to quote long sections of dialog from Snoopy movies and we often get strange looks from people who overhear him say things like:

"When we divide up the rights I get 90%, and you get 5%, and you get 5%." Lucy Van Pelt addressing her two brothers.

"When we are grown up and you and your husband want me to co-sign a bank note so you can buy a house--I won't." Rerun Van Pelt to his sister Lucy.

This is my favorite. The quote goes: "How can I be expected to live in a world where I don't have a dog, or a trust fund, or grape jelly?" Rerun contemplating the unfairness of life.

Cameron changed this one to suit his own personality and I think it is perfect. We were shopping in a busy store when Cameron asked, "Mom, do we have any grape jelly?"

"Yes, we have some at home. I can make you a sandwich if you want."

"Yes, I would like one. Mom, do I have a dog?"

"No, I'm sorry you don't have a dog."

"Oh, OK. Well, do I have a trust fund?"

"No, I am really sorry, you don't have a trust fund. But 1 out of 3 isn't bad right?"

"Yeah, the world is all right when you have grape jelly."

There was a man standing next to us who heard this conversation and really enjoyed it. He did a double take when Cameron asked about his trust fund. Then when Cam wrapped it up with the line about the grape jelly he started laughing so hard he couldn't catch his breath.

So now we have a new motto around here. Life is great, especially when you have grape jelly. Sometimes that's all you need to get through the day.

I hope you all have a wonderful, happy, healthy Christmas with your friends and family. And we hope you will always have enough grape jelly to get you through the ups and downs of life.

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