Wednesday, December 26, 2007

So this is Christmas.... 2007 Let's put stuff in the naked guy!

Great Christmas! Everything went well. We had delicious food and wonderful company. I didn't have to go to work. Oh, yeah, and we might have opened a few gifts.

Kay got a billibo, a fish tank (to share with Cam since they can't have a dog), books, dolls, leap frog toys, markers (so she can draw and sing, one of her favorite activities), a booster seat (so she can sit at the table with us instead of in the highchair), lights for her room, and a sing along stage with a mirror so she can perform.

Cam got books, games, movies, a viewmaster, a jumproap, a glow in the dark solar system (Pluto included), a nutcracker (cause he went to see the ballett with Grandma), a treasure chest to hide his pirate booty, a CD player, walkie talkies and a transformers car.

Taye got a MP3 player, a gaming chair, clothes, a new blanket, and money to spend on tech.

Jeff got PJs, tools and a GPS system (he says that is more for me cause he doesn't get lost)

Jen got PJs, a bracelet, a digital picture frame, a candle, and some kitchen gadgets.

Enjoy some pictures:

We went and saw the festival of lights. We usually don't take many pictures of the lights because it is hard to get them to come out well. We had to get this one for Kay's "Buh Fly" collection.

Here are the kids getting ready to open the gifts from Santa and Mom and Dad by the Snoopy tree. You may notice that the Snoopy tree is only decorated on the top. That is because Sister undecorated the bottom half as far up as she could reach. She also liked to put some of the ornaments back on but most of them ended up hidden in her room.

When Kay finished opening a gift she would say "Tah Dah!"

Cam and Gram take a snuggle break from opening gifts. Cam makes his red pajamas look good.

Sarah and her ponies. It's like 1983 all over again. Hey, where's the Cabbage Patch doll?

Grandpa Mike observes the chaos.

How exactly do you get this toy out of the package? Well, Grandma, you just twist that spot right there where I am pointing with my cute little finger.

Check out my hairdo my lovely and talented Aunt Sarah gave me. I even have a bow. I look good in my pink striped pajamas too.

Sarah and Courtney hug among the debris by the big tree.

Sister riding the sewing machine pedal.

At Bobby and Karen's. Kay decided she was finished once she opened this gift. She wanted to play with Mickey and didn't want to be bothered with opening anything else.

She did the same thing earlier in the day when she got her stocking. She found some butterflies and was happy with that. She carried the butterflies around and didn't care what else was in the stocking. You go girl. Be happy with what you got.

Smiley Morgan.
Bobby opening a gift.
Sister Santa.

Heather and the boys.
Andrew, Morgan and Kay.

Kay and Grandma K.

Kay fell asleep sitting in a chair after all the excitement of the day. We wrapped up the evening with some parlor tricks. Taylor grossed everyone out with his thumb trick. I grossed everyone out by turning my feet around backwards and Cam did his infamous tongue up nose trick.

My camera batteries died so we will have to see if anyone else has more pictures.

Cam makes a snow angel and enjoys his almost white Christmas. It didn't snow Christmas day but we got some of the white stuff on the 26th. Taylor and Kaylynne were napping during the short time the snow was falling. Once it stopped it melted pretty quick so Cam was the only one who got to play in it today. When the others woke up Cam said in a sad voice, "You missed the snow fun. I made a snow angel and threw snow balls. It wasn't enough to make a snow man." Then he excitedly informed them that it is supposed to snow more tomorrow so they can play again and that the snow flakes taste like cotton candy.

We did get a package from Grandparents in Illinois but as per the tradition we opened it as soon as it arrived. Joyce works for the post office so we always get cool stamps on the box and the kids think that is amazing. She almost covers the front of the box with all kinds of different stamps she has collected.

We should get a package from Grandparents in Mississippi soon. It must have been delayed by the bad weather. That is fun though because just when the kids think it is all over they will get a few more gifts to open.

Another tradition is that we let the kids open one gift on Christmas eve. Cameron got an operation game. He excitedly yelled "Wow! It's the game where you put stuff in the naked guy!"
FYI cavity Sam, AKA the naked guy, actually wears festive red and white striped boxers.

Thanks everyone for yet another happy, fabulous holiday!

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