Monday, March 31, 2008

It's over!

Finally, that ordeal is over.

The police called me back this morning and said I was absolutely right to tell that "Detective" I would not give him the car. They said no detective would have called me and threatened me that way and they advised I not turn that car over to anybody until I got confirmation from Big Red.

They said if I was called or threatened again or if someone came to my house to call them back and they would come help.

I then went back to trying to contact the dealership. I wanted them to come get the car off of my property immediately. I called the cell number I was given on Sunday again and still got no answer. I left another message saying someone needs to call me and come pick up this car. I also told them I thought they had a horrible way of conducting business. I didn't appreciate them having some bogus detective call me and threaten me.

Then I called the main line and got the receptionist. I told her I needed to talk to someone in charge so I could get some answers. She said none of the managers arrive until 9:00. So I explained my situation to her. She seemed a bit shocked at everything that had gone on. I told her I appreciated her help and that I understood that she had nothing to do with the situation but that I would really like for her to make sure the right person gets my message. The main point of the message being - come get this car and I don't want to have anything more to do with you.

Big Red called back about 45 minutes later and hung up on me when I answered. They called back again a few minutes later and it was Derek Sills, the car salesman. He wanted to work something out. I told him the car is at my house come get it. He said he was sending the "Detective". I said he is welcome to it as long as you say I can release it to him.

I went ahead and told him how I felt about the situation. I told him what the "Detective" had said when he talked to me and how rude he was. I told them I had called the police and they said they were really walking the the line on keeping it legal. It is illegal to impersonate a police officer but it is not illegal to claim you are a detective. Saying you are a detective with a badge that works for the state is pushing it.

He told me that they didn't tell the detective to say those things and that he would check up on that. I said he is representing your business so it doesn't matter if he was told to say those things or not the fact that he did reflects badly on you. Threatening people who have done nothing wrong is no way to conduct business. I have been honest in my dealings with you from the beginning and you have continually lied to me. Why didn't you just call and say we need the car returned?

He said they couldn't get in touch with me (I guess they never thought to try one of the 5 numbers or email we gave them) so it is standard procedure to get their detective on it. I said I have been calling and sending email and not getting a return call. How can you say you can't get in touch with me? So he said we were playing phone tag. All they had to do was leave a message saying they needed to come get the car and that they couldn't get the deal worked out.

I told him that on Friday I was left a message saying the paperwork had been turned in so I was lied to again. I told him I had already called the police and reported them and that I would report it to the better business bureau as well as every Internet rating site I could find. I plan to write to the newspaper and tell everyone I know what they did so no one else will be treated that way.

So he started saying now you don't need to go and do that we can work this all out. It doesn't need to be like that. Just come on in and we can get you into a different car. We got some nice vans that just came in. We still have your trade you don't want to have to bring it somewhere else and start all over.

Are you seriously still trying to sell me a car?! I think the dealership is being run my demented monkeys. I said I don't think so. I am done with you.

I went to the car max site and they have the same car for less and will give me cash for my trade. Their salespeople don't work on commission so they just sell you the car you want when you want it. No pressure. The person called me back within 5 minutes and was very polite and helpful. They can have the car we want shipped to the OKC store or they can call us when the OKC store gets one.

So when we get our tax return we will replace the car and get a much better deal.

I am so happy to be done with this. I had to deal with the people at Big Red for 3 weeks and wanted to strangle them. I would not have been happy locked into a long term contract with them.

Another point, when I was arguing with Derrick over the legitimacy of their hired "detective" he kept insisting that he does work for the state so he was not misrepresenting himself. I think he is confused between someone who is licensed by the state (Which he may be. I am guessing a state licensed private investigator.) and someone who works for the state. I am licensed to drive in the state of Oklahoma that does not mean that I work as a driver for the state. Why would the state hire someone to work recovering cars for a privately owned car dealership? Come on people use your brains a little.

Also as I suspected they took in our trade solely to try to force us into doing business with them. Not cool.

Our tow truck driver buddy is interested in buying the car. He will go pick it up no problem. Then if he wants to buy it it's super easy to arrange. So the cost of towing is not an issue and not a deterrent to taking our business else where.

Did I mention the car was filthy, totally out of gas, and had 600 miles on it after we drove it around for free for 3 weeks. Yeah, they are a pain in the ass but I am OK with that deal. I am not really any worse off than I was 3 weeks ago other than being very annoyed and upset for a few days. They however, now have a car that was brand new that they thought they were gonna get over 15,000 for sitting on their lot looking a mess with 600 miles on it and they got no money for it. They will probably take a loss on the vehicle because they shouldn't be able to pass it off as new. Just in case they try the VIN # is KNAFG525077087179

So if you buy a car in the next few months with that VIN I can tell you it is not new it is used. Get a discount!

I really hope they do not plan to try to get us to pay for the car to be cleaned or anything else. We were told the car belonged to us and we drove it and used it because it was supposed to be ours. We have kids, things get a bit messy.

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