Sunday, March 23, 2008

Spring break adventures and Hoppy Easter

Spring break usually means just hanging around the house for us. We try to go to the park and keep the kids busy but it is usually not too exciting. This year it was a little different. We had a car we all fit in to go adventuring in. We went to the Children's museum in Seminole, the OKC Zoo, and Bricktown. Everyone had lots of fun. Here are the week's pictures. Sorry, there are a lot.

Cam plays moon sand in his new hat.

Cam craft time.

Cam and Kay playing with flash cards.

Kay plays the super baby game.

Fly Kay Fly!

Looks like fun.

Kay's new hat.

Kay and her spinning pom-pon.

Kay shares her oatmeal with her duck friends.

Just stick your head in the bowl.

Children's Museum trip.

Kay amazed by the bubble wall.

Watching the bubble wall.

Dad and Cam inside the bubble.

Dad and Kay inside the bubble.

Taylor and Maddison inside the bubble.

Maddison craft time.

Cam craft time.

Look at this giant doll house.

On top of the fire truck.

Driving the fire truck.

Off to shop.

Kay helps out in the building zone.

Taylor gets in trouble with the "Teacher".

Cam teaches a class.

Kay examines some teeth.

Dad performs some dental work on Taylor.

Lunch time.

The girls eating lunch.

Cam and Taylor in the big toy.

Kay making new friends.

Kay sharing a book.

The gang. Notice Kay is screaming. I can never get a good group shot.

Another attempt. Kay is screaming again.

Maddison, Cam and Taylor. Kay ran away.

Taylor and Cam with their new friend. He's a bit skinny but he sure can ride.

Cam and Kay dig for dinosaur bones.

Cam the paleontologist.

Co-pilot Cam.

Cam in the pilot seat.

Kay helps out.

Silly Cam.

Cam enjoying the children's museum.

Cousin Maddison enjoying the children's museum.

Kay enjoying the children's museum.

Dad tickling Taylor at the children's museum.

Watching the puppet show.

Performing in the puppet show.

Cam rides the airplane.

The gang in a old jalopy.

Bricktown was fun. We took the boat tour.

Gargoyle and the Sooner Ferry boat from the bridge.

Our tour guide/ boat driver.

Close up Cam on the boat.

Taylor on the boat.

Upside down Kay on the boat.

Kay close up.

Stumpy's. Sonic world headquarters.

Kay liked the boat.

The land run statues.

This is fun.

Kay liked the butterflies in the mosaic.

Jackson company and Hooters building.

That's right I took the family to Hooter's for dinner. It is actually a family resturant. They even have kid's menus and crayons. We weren't even the only family in there. The little kids got balloons and Taylor just enjoyed the atmosphere.

The girls were very nice. We met Carrie, Elechia and Amber. The watress for our table was, well, her name tag said S.H.I.T. but her real name was Andrea. So if you are ever in the Bricktown area just stop on into the OKC Hooter's and tell them Hi.

Outside Hooters

Outside Hooters.

Checking out the menu at Hooters.

Cam loves Hooters.

Kay dipping her fries into her ketchup picture. Andrea drew a smiley face with the ketchup and Kay thought it was fun.

Andrea, Kay, Taylor, Cam. The food was yummy.

Zoo, Zoo, at the Zoo!

Watching the ducks and two fisted snacking.

Maddison and Danielle getting ready to start our adventure at the zoo.

Kay and Jackson playing peek-a-boo at the zoo.

Kay tick ticking (tickling) Jackson at the zoo.

Kay and Jackson go for a ride at the zoo.

Kay and Cam and a butterfly.

Cam and a hippo.

Cam and a turtle.

Cam, Tabitha, Jackson, Kay and a gorilla.

Kay shades.

Kay shades.

Look what the Easter beagle, er bunny left for us.

That's a big duck.

The gang decorating eggs.

Cam decorating eggs.

Look at all the eggs we decorated.

Hunting eggs in the flowers.

Hey, I found one.

While Cam is smiling for the camera he won't notice me borrowing one of his eggs right?

It's blue!

Kay's not sure she likes the taste of Easter eggs.

Kay sleeping after the egg hunt.

It was a busy week but so much fun. I think the kids will remember this for a long time.

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