Thursday, March 6, 2008

My week in pictures a very random jumble of thoughts

I just uploaded pictures to the computer. So here is a very random jumble of thoughts about the week.

This is a little game called "What's in sister's purse?" Today it was 7 frogs and a game timer. Yesterday it was an apple slice and half of a peeled banana. Ya just never know what you may find. That's why it's such an exciting game.

She shoots, she scores!! And the crowd goes wild!

She loves basketball.
Easter hat and purse.
Silly face sharing a banana.

Cam made a TV head hat out of a box.

Cam painted TV head box.

No need to take it off to drink

First Spring flowers bloming in our backyard. This is very exciting to me because this will be our first Spring in our new house and the lady who used to live here was a member of the Norman garden club. She has tons of stuff planted. Every day we go out to see what new plants are popping up.

Cam and Kay playing together.

This is yet another attempt to catch a picture of Kay. I wanted a picture of her in her cute Snoopy outfit. I had to wait for her to come around the corner and take it quick before she could run away. Here is Kay hiding in the kitchen cabinet.

I made birthday cupcakes for my friend Tabitha at work. They look a little weird but they were tasty. She wanted chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting. I added chocolate sprinkles to make them a little bit pretty.

One of my accomplishments at work this week: Putting up the signing time ASL ABCs with Kayla's help. She has to help because she is the tall one. If Jessica had been there she would have to help too. I am glad we have 2 tall people at work because I am short.

Cleaning, organizing and re-arranging the toy area with Tabitha. Doesn't it look nice.

Taylor has been sick again with the upper respiratory infection. It is really holding on and making him miserable. He has been really sick for over a week now. I have been sick again too but not as bad. I just have a sore throat and the sneezes. We can't seem to get everyone well all at the same time. We just keep passing this gunk around to each other.

I had some cooking success this week. Last week I tried to make chicken and dumplings. I have been making that recipe since I was a teen. I haven't had much time to cook real food lately. We mostly make sandwiches or soup or heat up chicken nuggets or mac and cheese. The kids are quite happy with quick food. We keep fresh veggies and fruit around too.

I decided I was going to cook a real meal but nothing went right. The dumplings turned to mush, everything was bland, and then the stove top caught on fire - twice. Everything ended up tasting burnt and I had to throw it all out. Oh no, I have forgotten how to cook.

So this week I decided to jump right back in and try again. I fixed the stove and made a huge batch of chicken and dumplings. Enough to send some to Jeff's Mom's and my Mom's and still have a big pot here. Everything went well and it was really yummy. Perfect for when you are sick and not feeling like eating much. I also made beignets for dessert.

I had an extra day off work this week because our patient load has gone down. I used my extra time to bake with Cam. We made cookies and banana bread.

We finished several little projects around the house this week. A couple were absolute necessities. Taylor's light fixture in his room quit working so Jeff removed it and put in a new one. Now Taylor can see again. I put new pans under the burners on the stove top after the cooking disaster of last week. I really didn't want to start anymore fires.

We also re-arranged the furniture in Taylor's room, re-painted and hung up the coat rack, repaired my old cedar chest by replacing the hinges, fixing the upholstery and adding safety brackets so the lid won't slam on anyone’s fingers, and replacing the batteries in and adding more smoke detectors.

Our to do list is quite overwhelming but if we just focus on a few things at a time we should catch up eventually. Right?

Here are a few older pictures I happened across:

Cam terrific kid award.

Cam candy moustache. Napping on Maw Maw. Kay calls Grandma Maw Maw now. She just started this and we are thrilled with her name for Grandma. It is funny because that was our name for Grandma when we were kids back in Louisiana. We didn't teach her the name she just came up with it in her own. I guess it was meant to be.

Another thing Kay learned this week: How to tickle. She can't say tickle though so she tackles her brothers and gets them while yelling "TICK, TICK, TICK!"

Faster than a speeding chicken. Run, run, run, before Mom gets a picture.

Ahh, caught in my pretty purple butterfly dress.

Cam sleeping in his skates and helmet.

This is how we know Kay is ready for bed. She gathers up her blanket and brings it to us.

Hairy Taylor.

Here are some funny pizza pictures:

Taylor's pizza heart

Pizza box technology.

More pizza box technology.

Was our pizza delevery person abducted by aliens?

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