Thursday, April 3, 2008

Living large like a VIP theatre event

The grand entrance.

Danielle is the manager of the new Warren's theatre in Moore and Russ manages the restaurants. They have been working hard to get the theatre and restaurant up and running. They had a family and friends night before the opening to train the new employees and make sure everything was working. We were able to attend and it was lots of fun. We were able to see a movie, have drinks and popcorn and play in the arcade all for free. We also went on a tour of the building. I took some pictures before I found out only the press is allowed to do that. Oops, sorry. I will just pretend I am with the press and share my pics anyway. I am writing a good report and I don't plan to steal the theatres designs.

Dad and Kay on the motorcycle game.

Taylor enjoys a game of pinball.

Cam and Grandma liked Ms. Pac-Man.

The theatre rooms are amazing. The picture and sound are the best quality and the decor is beautiful. Everything is art deco and velvet curtains and ushers opening the door for you. It feels like you are attending a special fancy event. The seats are the same design as the bucket seats in a Ford Mustang and very comfy and spacious.

If you really want a special treat you can see a movie from the balcony. They have a bar and a restaurant up there and can deliver your food and drinks right to your seat so you can dine without missing any of your movie. The seats are extra big and heated or cooled at the push of a button. Some of the seats are couches so you can snuggle extra close with your sweetie. It is 21 to enter so you won't have anyone crying or kicking the back of your seat. Well, unless the adults start doing that.

The restrooms are very spacious and have plenty of room for changing babies or fixing your hair and makeup, depending on your priorities. They have a fireplace and sitting area near the restrooms so if you have to wait for someone you can do it in style. The entire building is very spacious so you don't feel boxed in even when it is very busy.

The downstairs restaurant is very yummy and affordable. We fed the whole gang (family of 5) for about 25 bucks. The kids really liked the jukebox. The kids also thought the popcorn station in the snack area was cool. They have flavoring stations set up so you can add your own seasonings to your corn.

Everything was very clean in the restrooms, restaurants and theatre. They have an army of employees sweeping and polishing. Awesome place and lots of fun. We plan to visit again soon.

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