Monday, March 10, 2008

Excellent example of Signing Time success on Today show

Check out this amazing video.

Here is the article as well.
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An amazing 17-month-old girl rekindles the nature-versus-nurture debate

Yet another example of how sign language can help children show the potential they are born with. Children are such amazingly wonderful little beings. We can learn so much by just "listening" to them. By listening I mean pay attention. Look at them. Encourage them. Be there for them. Love them and give them your time and affection.

When this little girl read the word on the cereal box her Mom was listening. She heard her say the word, saw her sign the word, and knew she just read the word because she was observing her child. She could have been in a hurry, rushing around the store and tuning her little girl out so that she could finish her shopping faster. Think of what would have been missed. She may not have noticed her daughters talents. Her daughter, feeling discouraged that her Mom hadn't understood, may have moved on to other things.

I am thinking back to those first signed gestures from my kids. How easy it would have been to miss them. If I hadn't been paying attention and seen that little flutter of the hand. If I hadn't recognised it for what it was and encouraged them they may have given up their attempts. Children need encouragement and need to feel understood to help them grow to their full potential.

The world would be a little better place if we could all take a moment to connect with those around us and really listen to them.

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