Saturday, March 8, 2008

Green Eggs and Ham -- I feel sick, sick, sick.

Taylor has been sick for going on two weeks now. He is not getting any better. He had been to the Dr. two times already and they said it was a viral respiratory infection. Nothing to do, antibiotics won't help because it's viral. Just have to wait it out.

At one point when his fever was up near 103 and he started hallucinating. He came in our room in the middle of the night and told us the things in his room came alive and were attacking him.

He said he was inside the candy land game and one side of his mattress was the bad candy like black liquorish that no one wants to eat but you had to eat a ton of it so you would get sicker. He got up and vomited at that point.

The other side of the mattress was good candy that made you feel better. So he started sleeping facing the good candy side of the mattress and stopped vomiting but still felt sick with the headache and sore throat, runny nose stuff. Great, he has cooked his brain with fever. So we decided we would take him back to the doctor on Friday.

About 4 AM Friday morning Cam came in crying and said he had a headache and his nose and mouth hurt. His temp was 102. Jeff got them both in to the doctor at 2:40 in the afternoon.

I had to go in to work because, while we thought we would have extra people this week, we are in fact short staffed again. They gave Jessica away to another house that is short staffed and Heather did not return on Wednesday like we thought.

So Jeff braved the doctor’s office with 3 kids in tow all by his lonesome. Kaylynne should be sick again any time now because they had to wait in the sick waiting area and were exposed to who knows what. The doctor says it's strep. So they both started antibiotics. I went ahead and got tested at work and it was negative. But so were the tests on the boys so we will see.

Cameron was really mad at me for keeping him home from school. I told him I can not send you to school with 102 temp it's against the law. I know it's not really but it should be. If more people kept their kids home when they are sick then maybe we wouldn't all be sick all the time.

They have been talking about Dr. Seuss this week and the plan for Friday was to make green eggs and ham. Cam was really excited about it. I told him Grandma would find out how it went at school and we would make our own at home.

So last night when I got home from work Cam was still up because he took a big nap during the day. He was ready to make green eggs and ham. Well why not? If you are gonna make green eggs and ham you might as well do it at 11:30 PM. So we stayed up and made green eggs and ham and read Dr. Seuss books. It was fun and Cam felt much better. He probably felt a lot better that he didn’t have to eat the green eggs and ham.

Very green eggs and ham. I sent the liquid food coloring to school for them to use so all I had was the gel food coloring. It was a little strong so everything is very dark green almost black.
Will you eat them at the table? Eat them eat them if you're able. They look like something from the bottom of a stable. Food? I wouldn't give it that label. I don't think I like this fable. I would rather go and watch cable with my friend Maybel.
Eat them eat them here they are. Eat them and I'll buy you a car.

Even with that offer no one would touch them. Cam said Taylor wanted to eat them. When he refused they decided they should save them for sister. We didn't make anyone eat them. That would just be mean.

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