Sunday, March 30, 2008

Oh Wait, It Gets Better.


You are not gonna believe this.


I called the 250-1991 number from the email this morning and it says "The subscriber you have dialed is not in service. Message number OK 0156."

That is about as helpful as I have come to expect them to be. I called the 808 6241 number which is the only one I have found with a voice mail service and I left another message. I told them I needed someone to call me back that I need to know what is going on and that if they don't intend to work out a contract with me they need to send someone from the dealership to pick up the car.


I got a message on my answering machine from a "Detective" Duke (wonder if he is related to David?) it just said to call him back. That seemed weird to me so we looked up his number on the Internet. He is listed on a web page called Fugitive Recovery Network out of Oklhpma City. I figure if the guy can't spell the city and state he lives in he is probably not too much of a threat. Um, last I checked I am not a fugitive and I was intrigued so I called him back. 


He said he had been hired by Big Red to recover the car I refused to return. He wanted to know why I thought I didn't have to return the car that belonged to them. Big Red has not told me to return the car. The last communication I had from them on Friday said that they had turned in the paperwork. I have left messages and sent emails and no one has called me back to explain what the next step is. They keep saying they are working on it and that they will get back to us. I really think the entire dealership has gone completely out of their minds. They are so out of touch with reality they don't know what is the truth anymore.

So this Gary person says that is not true. That the dealership has told me that they need the car back and that they can't help me. He wants to come to my house and pick up the car. I have no intention of giving some creepy stranger my address so he can come over while I am at home alone with my children. I have no intention of putting the keys in the car and leaving it in our driveway for anyone who happens by to steal it. I am not turning the car over to him I don't know who he is. If the dealership wants the car they need to send someone from the dealership to pick it up so I know it has been released to the right people.

Well, he didn't like that answer. He wanted to come get the car and asked if I would be home. I told him I am going to work soon. So he said fine I will come to your work and pick it up. I told him I work at a state facility and we have security gates, they won't let you in. He said he works for the state too and he would show his badge. It doesn't matter they won't let you in unless you have a badge showing you work there or a badge showing you are a state trooper. The police department has no jurisdiction there because it is state property.

So then he said he would go to my husbands work. I told him to forget it he doesn't have the car and he won't turn over the car key to someone he doesn't know.

I again said I would turn over the car to the dealership. I want to protect myself and make sure the car goes to the right people. He said well I can see why they hired me you have a really bad attitude. He then threatened me by saying they would take me to court and that it was against the law to keep a car that they had asked be returned.


I would say that is the point that it got really ugly. He has implied that I am a liar, he has threatened me and stated that I am doing something criminal. I told him all of that was not true. I have not done anything wrong. I am saying I will return the car if the dealership calls me and says they want it back and send someone from the dealership to pick it up. I then said I would call the police department and let them work it out. He really didn't like that idea. No, no, no you don't need to call the police. They won't do anything. This is a civil matter not a criminal matter so they won't get involved. This was a big red flag for me. Why would he have a problem with me contacting the police for advice? If they are doing everything right and I am doing everything wrong as he claims it seems like he would want the police involved.

I told him again I had no intention of turning the car over to him but I would be happy to talk with someone at the dealership. I got him to give me a cell phone number for someone named Robert January who is the finance manager. I guess this is the person who contacted him but I have never heard of this person. Gary assured me that when I talked with Robert he would tell me to turn the car over to him. I said thank you and hung up.

I called the number and, here's a shocker, no one answered. I left a message. I told them someone needs to call me ASAP. If they want the car someone from the dealership needs to come pick it up.

Then I called the police department. I never knew the police department actually closes on Sunday. You can call 911 but the non emergency number is not answered on Sunday. I don't really feel this is a 911 kind of thing so I left a message with Beverly in investigations and asked her to please call me back. I really hope she can offer some advice in this matter tomorrow morning.

Wow, I can't believe what a mess they are causing. 

All they had to do was be honest and say we can't help you bring the car back. They seem to have an aversion to telling the truth though.

They also still have possession of my trade in.

I guess I will just have to wait and see what happens in the morning when everything is open again.

Hopefully I won't go to prison for my evil genius criminal ways. I guess if I was gonna get in trouble for "stealing" a vehicle I should have gone for something more expensive and made a break for the border.

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