Saturday, March 29, 2008

Yep, they still suck.


I didn't hear anything from the dealership Wednesday. Thursday after I left home for the day someone named Derrick Fields ? called and left a message to call them back. Derrick is the one that Jeff talked to on Monday and he said he would check with his boss and call us back. Then someone named Jerry/Larry Pile/Powers ? (can't understand what he says) called and also left a message saying he had a couple of ways to get this all worked out but he needed us to call him back.

Yeah, did I mention that I had been waiting to hear from them since Monday? Now they act like I am the one not calling them back.

So Friday morning I called the number this Jerry/Larry guy left and tell them who I am and that I am returning a call but I am not sure who I need to talk to. They ask who my finance person was, that name I do know, Edwin Marx. Well, he is too busy to talk, of course, so they have me leave a number so they can call back. I carefully spelled out my name and gave them my cell number because I have a better chance of catching that. Then I went off to haul a large amount of fire wood to my Moms. Of course the cell rang when I left it in the car. The message said:

Friday 1:41

Uh, this is uh, Kenny over at Big Red returning your call. I turned everything in yesterday at about 12:30. You may want to check with your bank to see how long it takes to bill to your account. It should show some kind of reading on your account as pending. Thanks for your help.

What is he talking about? I have no idea. This makes it sound like they went ahead and put the paperwork through and they are gonna bill my bank account for the payment. So Friday after I got home from work I called every number I had for Big Red. One had a voice mail service and I left a message. I said I need to talk with someone. I keep getting different answers from different people and I need to know what is going on.

Saturday I still had no call back so I went to the web site and sent an email. I told them I needed to talk to someone about the car I had bought and that I wanted a copy of their privacy policy.

This is the response I got from the email:

Hi Jennifer,

Thank you for your inquiry with Big Red Sports/Imports. For over 33 years Big Red Sports/Imports has taken great pride to treat our customers with respect and appreciation. Our Internet Team was created to provide you with the "no hassle" experience you deserve. We take great pride in offering first class pre-owned vehicles and offering some of America's finest new vehicle products.

Once again please accept my sincere thanks for shopping with Big Red Sports/Imports. We look forward to working for you. One of the members of our Internet Team will attempt to reach you by phone and email as soon as possible. If you are in a hurry please call us immediately at 405-364-4400.

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If for any reason your expectations or concerns are not being addressed in the proper way, please call my boss, Tom Drommond, immediately. His cell phone number is 405-250-1991. I hope you never need to call him, but I'm committed to you having the best online buying experience, regardless.
D'Shawn Coddington

Big Red Sports/Imports418 N. Interstate Dr.Norman, OK 73072

So we are still driving the car. I will try calling the number from the email in the morning. If they ever do call me back I plan to tell them they can come pick it up when ever they are ready. Even if they get the deal that I want worked out I have no interest in doing business with them. They have no concept of customer service skills or how to run a business. They are so disorganized and dishonest I would constantly worry about what stupid thing they would try next.

They have at least 5 different contact numbers for us plus my email and they still can't seem to get in contact with us. Crazy.

They are welcome to the car. The car that we have now been driving for free for 2 1/2 weeks, that has been keyed down the right side, that is filthy inside and out, that the birds have pooped all over. That now has 550 miles on it, that I used to haul dirty firewood, that sister peed in and spilled her milk cup in. That I may or may not have run over a opossum in (hopefully that will take care of THIS problem).

I wish them luck in selling it for the price we had agreed upon to someone else. It ain't a new car anymore.

Here are the giant mounds of fire wood I hauled in the back of the car. I also hauled a bunch of junk from our garage. It is a bit funky back there now.



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