Wednesday, October 10, 2007

It's Wednesday Today

Wednesday is my only night off. I have returned to work as of Monday 10-9-07 and will be going in on all my on call days, well, probably forever. Still can't figure out why we can't get some new people hired. People are sick more often because they are exhausted. Also some people quit because they get tired of never being able to get a day off. So it looks like Wednesday will be my blogging day when I have time to do it.

My first day back was good. I had a lot of new kids to learn about so that will take some time. While I was gone we got almost all new patients. My arm was popping a lot while trying to move heavy patients but it didn't hurt.

My sister's wedding is all finished and it went well. We had fun but pictures were difficult. I have a few good ones but none of us all together.

My Father in Law is out of intensive care and has been moved to a long term care facility. He is doing better, so for now we are just waiting to see what happens next.

Kay had her hearing test but she is terrified of animatronics. They test little ones by playing a sound or voice into a speaker on the right or left of the head. When the baby looks towards the sound a animatronic toy lights up and plays music while it dances. She totally freaked and started screaming and shaking. She wanted out of that booth and didn't want anything to do with anyone there. It didn't help that she had just split her lip on the table in the waiting room. So we had to leave without finishing the test. I guess we won't be taking her to Chuck E Cheeses anytime soon.

We have to schedule another appointment to try again. I have been flaking on appointments since I went back to work. I keep forgetting about things until several hours after I was supposed to be there.

I guess things are pretty much back to normal around here. Hectic and a bit crazy and disorganized. I will try to write more fun stuff soon. Here are some wedding pictures.
The entire wedding party
The kids: Cameron, Maddison, Kaylynne
Father and Mother of the bride, Maddison, Sarah, and her girlfriend Courtney, and baby Kaylynne
Daddy and his beautiful girl

Cameron enjoying a dum dum pop
Kay final fitting for her dress
Cam trying on the Tux
The groom's cake I made
In our concert tees: The Ramones, The Doors, The Beatles and The? Green Day

Grandma Vickie pins on the flower for Taylor

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