Tuesday, October 2, 2007

It has been a sad happy busy day

I know my title doesn't make much sense but I will try to explain.

My baby sister Danielle is back in town for her wedding on the 7th. It is so fun having her here and getting to talk. The wedding is going to be wonderful. We have lots of family coming in and a big rehearsal dinner planned at our house. I am making the grooms cake and Mom has been sewing like a mad woman for weeks. She has made Dan's wedding dress and 4 bridesmaids dresses and 2 little girl dresses.

Dan is so gorgeous and happy and we are all so happy for her. I am very proud of her because, well for lots of reasons, she is starting a new job she loves. She is marring the man she loves and she is becoming a mommy. Her Husband-to-be has a two year old little girl from a former relationship and Dan is being a great mommy to her. She just jumped right in and accepted her new daughter into the family without hesitation. We all just love her; she is a really sweet little girl.

Kay tried on her dress today and she looks like a little princess. We have checked off a lot on the to do list but there is still tons ahead in the next few days. So this next week will be busy and lots of fun. That's the happy, busy part.

I am usually a really happy person. Even when things are tough I try to keep my spirits up. Today was a little hard and I am stressing. The 2 little ones have runny noses. Gross can't keep them clean runny noses. I am hoping they will clear up before the wedding.

I have a never ending to do list that I can't seem to make any progress on. If I do manage to cross something off it is replaced with 3 other items.

I have to return to work in 6 days and I didn't accomplish all that I wanted to while I was gone. How will I ever get things done when I am working again? It is sad that when you have time off to do work around the house you can't afford to do the work. When you go back to work you have the money but no time.

I am frustrated with the amount of time waisted with doctor appointments and insurance companies and waiting on hold to talk with both. It makes me crazy when they say they will call you back and don't or say they will do something for you and don't. Like I have time to play these games.

With all this you may be wondering how I have time to post. I should just get off the computer and get stuff done. Well, I do most of my posting at night while everyone else is sleeping. I just skip some sleep. Writing keeps me sane, helps me remember the good parts of the day or past and allows me some form of creativity. It's cheeper than psychotherapy.

The thing I am most sad about, and probably why all the other little things are getting to me, is that my Father-in-Law is still in the hospital. It is really not looking good. They don't think he will make it much longer and he seems to have given up. He is in pain, they had to intubate him and it really messed up his lungs. It hurts him to breath and he is struggling just to get a little bit of oxygen. He is tired. He called in lawyers today to come to the hospital and get his affairs in order. I think he just wants to be done and not hurting/struggling anymore. He is talking about who he wants to leave his belongings to. I hate the whole process. I don't like to think about who gets what but I know it has to be dealt with.

I don't like to think about dying. He isn't really very old yet. He should be around so much longer. It makes me mad. It is just like my Grandpa. He was only 62 when he died but he smoked most of his life. I wish there were no more cigarettes in the world. Don't we have enough people dying without introducing more disease into the population. It is just frustrating.

I need to go get some cleaning done so I will quit ranting about the evils of the cigarette companies for now.

I will try to leave on a happy note though. I saw a humming bird in our back yard today. It was really cool. Now I want to get a feeder and see if he will come back.

Here is a little something from each of the kids:

Taylor taught me a new word. Fapping-spending a lot of time on the computer posting, blogging, and chatting. He says it is the sound the keyboard makes when you get to typing really fast in a very computer nerdy way. He informed me I am a big computer nerd and fap a lot. I choose to take that as a compliment.

Cam looked at me today and asked in all seriousness "Can I put my brain back in my head?" My reply was "By all means please do. I like your brain inside your head."

Kay was walking around eating a waffle and went into the bathroom and set it down on top of the toilet seat. This prompted me to say another one of those comments you never imagine you will need to utter until you have kids, "No eating toilet waffles!!"

I have to draw the line somewhere and eating off of the toilet is the spot. Eating off the floor-not desirable but OK. Eating off the toilet-not acceptable and I don't care if it has just been cleaned.

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