Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It's Tuesday today

That means I didn't have to go in on my on call day! I get 2 days off this week. That is really good because Jeff went back to work today. The doctor cleared him to return yesterday afternoon so he got all of his paperwork taken care of and went back this morning. We went in yesterday and got our flu shots. The baby enjoyed watching us get shots instead of her for a change. Jeff tried to get his schedule changed while we were there but they said no. So we are trying to figure out what to do about childcare.

Kay went in yesterday to try to do her hearing test again. They did not use the scary anamatronics this time but she remembered them from before and still got scared. They are going to have to do a different type of test so they will discuss it and let us know what they decide later this week. She is too smart and doesn't forget anything.

Jeff had a garage sale this past weekend. After the cost of the permit we made about 4 bucks. It rained and we were competing with football and there were other unfortunate events. I may just haul it all off to goodwill.

Cameron saw this commercial and thought it was funny.
He has been imitating it by getting inside his tunnel and sneaking up on people and yelling Boo! I'm an annoying clog. He is a funny kid. Here is a picture.

I got copies of the infamous pie pictures from Taylor's summer camp adventure.
He volunteered to be the target of the pie throwing booth at a camp for kids with disabilities. I didn't think we would ever get the smell of sour whipped cream out of his hair. What a great kid he is.

Look out pie to the face! He is even smiling. Wow that's going above and beyond.

I volunteered for this?! What did I get myself into?

What a mess but still smiling.

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