Friday, April 25, 2008

Technology - a sticker that can zap you in the butt

I have been going to physical therapy for my back. I usually have to bring at least one child with me to the appointment. Because I have small children in the room I usually don't get to use the E stem machine which is sad because I love the E stem machine. If you have ever used one you understand.

I am not willing to risk being alone in a room with two, two year olds who like to push buttons while I am hooked up to a machine that is electrically stimulating the muscles in my back. I am afraid they would have too much fun shocking the snot out of me.

They have this cool new doo dad that is really fun though. They stick this big sticker on your butt that has a little battery built in. Then you go on about your business and the sticker zaps you in the butt and sends medicine into your bloodstream through your skin. How did I not know about this amazing device? How have I lived without it this long?

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