Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The silver lining to having an army of ants taking over your house - they eat termites.

Jeff says I have a sickeningly optimistic personality. I tend to point out the good things that happen as a result of the bad things that happen. This weeks subject-Ants. They are everywhere. Every sink, every room, on the ceiling. They fall on you, they climb on your food and late at night when its real quiet you can hear them laughing at you. Nothing we tried discouraged the never ending influx. We put out traps, we sprayed all the doors and windows inside and out, we sprayed the entire yard. I finally said enough, we need to call in some professional help. The exterminator type not the psychiatrist type. Although we could probably use both.

When the man came out to spray I told him they had even built a nest in the interior side of the door frame that goes to the back yard. "Um, ants don't do that" he says. So I take him in the back and show him. "Well, those may be ants but that is a termite nest. Ants eat termites."

So the ants are annoying but they may have eaten enough termites to keep the damage to a minimum. Even so they found 4 active termite colonies just in the back yard. So now we have to have the whole termite treatment done. The lowest bid we found was 1,100. What can you do but pay up and hope they don't eat your entire house.

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