Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Taxes, Unions and working in a prison or a combat zone

We went and did our taxes today. That is always so fun. When they typed in my employer number it showed up as a military base so she started asking me if I spent any time in active combat. Well, it depends on the day but, no I do not work for the military.

Anyway, we should get our return in the next week or so. We plan to use it for house repairs and for a down payment on a used car and hopefully a swing set for the kids.

I got a call from the OK health program this week. It is a benefit offered by the state where they set you up with a mentor to help you get healthy. It sounds like a good plan. When they called they thought I worked in a prison. Again, depends on the day but, no not officially.

I am so glad I joined the union. I had a mediation session set up with the director of HR and the big boss at work to settle the problems with the payroll error they made. Because I am in the union they provide representation to help me with the process. All I wanted to accomplish was getting them to admit they handled the situation incorrectly and make sure they don't do this to anyone else in the future. I did not make the mistake, they did, and they continued to make it worse by not following the proper procedures to make it right. The union rep called the HR Director and she apologised and said I didn't do anything wrong. She said it was over and they wouldn't pursue it any further. They used some of my accrued leave to pay back the money. That is fine with me because I can't get a day off anyway unless someone dies or I get hurt. All that leave will just sit there till doomsday or it expires. You think I am gonna get a vacation any time soon? HA!

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